Only Black Guy at the Company Party pt. 3 of 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
To escape this I'll just drink.

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



3. Drink Away the Racism



I'll take shot after shot

To deal with the microaggressions

I cannot escape from

To forget the shots my brothers

Are taking from aggressive officers

Who box them in a system that

Makes us less valuable


I'll get drunk tonight

And dance for you

Just to feel like

We’re on the same page

Get in a circle

Dance to the same beat

And act like

We're finally at the Promise Land

Dr. King mentioned in his speech


But in reality we’re in the valley

And tonight I just want to hide there

I’ll accept all the stories

You’ve given me

I’ll get fucked up

Because if I don't

I'll fuck someone up

And won't be labeled

“One of the good ones”

I'll be one of those

Who’re fucked up


I'll listen to how

You help Haitian children

And really believe that

“The Haitian people don’t

Work hard enough”

Because they couldn't do it

Without you

The first black republic

And first independent Carribbean country

Couldn't make it without your help


I'll let you exoticize me

Let you be fascinated by my hair

You can talk about my dance moves

Or my interesting accent

I can be your accessory

So you can tell your friends,

“I have this black friend,

He's Haitian – American,”

And you can brag about

How cool I am

Pretend you understand me

Tell them everything

You think I'm going through

Though you never thought

To ask me


I’ll even agree to meet your

Other black friend

- If you have one.

Because we're bound

To bond

Because our skin is the same

We’re expected to connect like

The hounds of neighbors

At a public park

Once they have been tamed


I can tell you all of this

Go into every detail

Spend the entire day

But you'll still be fine

With getting braids

Or having dreads

Even though you’re white

But why should I care

I’m getting drunk tonight

And in this state

Everything's okay


So, tell the story you've created

And I'll just play along

Play my role in this racist myth

Just please pour me something strong



- K.S. Fort



The book, “Black in Berlin”, will be out before November. Check out the other books in the meantime.


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© Copyright 2020 K.S. Fort. All rights reserved.

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