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Yet alone is not a word to describe how this girl felt living her god mistaken life everyday. In this book you will be swept away into a world of unfortunate events that this innocent girl beholds.

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



The way she looked grabbed attention from all around, yet not the attention she was looking for. Unwanted and alone she dragged her skinnny body across the sharp concrete floor that lay beneth her. Her skin was in peices, blood gushed from every tare on her body. I just couldnt understand why no one would help her, why no-one would even think to ask if she was ok. She was innocent, she was also young looked about sixteen and if she just had love you could see her doing great things in life. As i watched her from above more and more civillians would ignoranlty walk past her needing cries. If they just knew what had happend to her they would be on there knees in tears. Its hard to say what happend to this girl as no soul on earth could imagine it happing to anyone, but in our society now shit like this happens and its a shame they is no one there to stop this cruelty. 

The day this happend the night was cold and very few people where around, even if there was i bet no-one would of stopped and helped. She was walking back home after a late night party at her friends house, she wasnt so much drunk just a little tipsy. But she had all knowledge on what was about to happen. As she stumbbeld down the street a gang of around eight or nine approached her innocent presence and began to give her unwanted attention. It wasnt bad to begin with just some guys asking for this girls number and her refusing than walking away. But clearly the "no" did not make any sense to these few men. As she kept walking further away the gang kept creeping behind her and touching her in places a girl does not want to be touched. She even begged them to stop but to them her cries where funny, they began pushing her violently onto the floor and laughing at her as she screamed for help. You know now your telling your self why didn't you stop them? Well your answer to that was i was a part of that gang, if i moved in to help i would end up being another dead body that no-one cared about. But what is about to happen to her gets alot worse. She kept trying so hard to get away but her getting abused was just getting more and more funny by the minuite. One of the gang members began to punch her over and over again in the face, you could look close in her eye and see the pain she was in, the struggle, the way she wished she got a lift home. But what was done was already done they was no going back now these lads had just began to have fun. All i know now is she is in a state where she will never recover and hell i just wished i'd helped her out that night. As her face all brusied and bloodied from the repeated blows she had encoutered, We pulled her down a dark allyway and this is where i'd wish i ran away and called for help. I never knew my brothers where possibly capable of this action but it happend. They slowly pinned her down on the floor and began again touching her in places no girl would want to be touched. Her final cries before she passed out where nothing, no one heard and not one person cared. She rolled over backwards as she was commanded to and placed her hands abouve her head. She lay there hopeless and alone.



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