The Starving Artist

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"I used to just draw... She taught me how to paint. They were so beautiful, but now I paint more with black, the creatures leak with red. And now they are speaking to me... These... Demons want me to fail, they tell me to end it, but this one is different. It wrapped itself around my mind and is... This one helps me..."
This story is of an artist struggling to regain his spark in painting, will he be able to once again paint the beautiful girl whom he longed for without her flesh being severed? Or will he submit to his own guilt? Still a work in progress, comment or reach out to see where it goes. On a further note, I do not own the image above, I do not accept ownership over it.

Table of Contents

The New House

Submitted: August 09, 2017

I have republish this short story into a book, for I feel it may be a longer story than expected. Read Chapter

The Auction

Submitted: August 09, 2017

Ugh, while trying to get the story organized, I do not know when, but apparently chapter three was deleted some time ago. So, I am going to have to create the chapter as best as I can while still keeping it in relation to chapter four. Expect a delay... Sorry. Read Chapter

My Best Painting

Submitted: August 18, 2017

The original chapter three was destroyed upon republishing to a book. In the original a new character is revealed and Zanna's backstory. Now, her story is shrouded, and is replaced by... Guilt,
torment, and love...
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