What Is Love, Now? (A Rant?)

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Just how I wish love was. How I see love. How it should be.

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



He does not take what is not offered. She does not succumb to temptation, neither does he. She does not do what will hurt him. She leaves with reason, without a doubt, to never come back. He tries to change.

She is his everything, a goddess no less, but everything more. He is her knight, a protector to his queen, to keep her forever from harm. Without purpose, without his queen, unable to see. Without her knight, she feeds, only to be more. She is frightening. He is in awed. She can fake love. He can be naive.

To protect, as he, means to give everything. To be tossed aside for the greater good in her life... I see... She is within walls, of which a knight cannot scale, and so he waits. But what is this princess, Queen to be, rather than everything. One door closes, another opens, and there is a key in one hand. 

They now pick not Knights, but thieves without remorse, of whom they strike. They now pick those who do things their queens would not. What fate has led me here, am I truly the only one who thinks that this new world is just... Fucking sick.

a relationship should be a trust, two bodies of flesh in love, willing to see the world until it stops spinning. I don't understand these people... I don't understand love anymore. I don't understand... Why..? Why is the filth chosen? Why do I feel... This world will never be fit for Z...

This is not what I was led to believe in...

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