Withering Rose

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Losing someone during a zombie apocalypse

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



For years we lived in a lustful glee
You were my sun keeping darkness from me 
You were my light that allowed me to see
Until there came an era of virulent disease
Billions afflicted in the first few weeks
Quickly followed by death in massive streaks
We were foolish to believe
We were above those we deemed weak
When the malady struck you
It came without warning
The symptoms hit hard, life became forlorning
As infection spread your body became so hot
Hair fell out in clumps and your eyes grew blood red
From the inside out your body began to rot
Deep down we both knew death was near
But optimistically we persevered
Until the dawn came when you were no longer here
Your body lay motionless and cold
I felt drained by the discovery
Hollowed and wearily old
Not wanting to say bye, I laid by your side
Yearning to reverse this deathly tide
Consumed by grief I fell into a dream of lies
Where eternally we lived
Thriving on a passionate high
So enthralled with my fantasy
I failed to hear you sigh
Nor did I see the moment you opened your eyes
But I felt your teeth as they found my throat
And I allowed you to consume me
As a world without you is a weight I can not tote
If you can remember, you are the love I chose
Forever and always
My beautiful rose

© Copyright 2017 Cory Scott. All rights reserved.

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