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Hi, my name is Devon and this is a short true story about a time me and my family went on vacation and things turned for the worse for me.

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



 Hi, my name is Devon and i'm here to tell you a story that had happened to me in 2015. Every year me and my family decide to go to colorado where my grand father had a cabin for us to stay in for the week. 

After a long 10 hour drive we had finally arived in colorado making it to my grand fathers cabin. Everyone was beat and tired and it was late. So we decided to just relax and fall asleep and start a new day. 

The next morning bright and early taking a deep breath of that cool fresh colorado air while looking at the mountains with a stunned look, making my way to the front door where it led to a balcony. The whole area was beautiful with snow covered mountains, even saw a few deer. As everyone woke up we decide to do our routine everytime we come to colorado. As we go out and explore taking pictures of mountains, exploring new things just having a great time. 

As the day turns to dark everyone exhausted, we decide to head back to the cabin. I had noticed my grand father had some bikes beside the cabin. I ask my brother "hey tomorrow can we go for a bike ride on these?" He replies with a hesitant look not really sure if we're even aloud to ride those bikes, but he says why not anyways. 

The next morning me and my brother wake up. As we tell our parents we're going on this trail through the mountains. They tell us not to go to far because we could have a high chance of getting lost in these mountains covered with trees and more trees. We hop on the bikes as we approach the start of the trail. my brother asking me "Hey Devon we'll just go down this hill and come back". I reply with an ok. Riding down the hill having a good time racing down the hill together. We notice the weather begins to turn hotter as the day goes on.  About an hour and half of riding bikes  we had gone down so many hills and turns our legs were done for the day. 

As we turn around heading toward to what looked like the route we came from, pedaling up the hill. like I had said before and when i say it "THE MOUNTAINS WERE COVERED IN TREES FOR MILES" . About 20 minutes had gone past noticing that we've passed this house that had a "No Trespasssing" sign on it for the second time. I stop my brother and ask "Are you sure this is the right route?"  He presumes to say ya and believeing it is the route we took. But deep down in my mind i knew that we had already seen this sign and that house twice now. I felt my brother knew just as well as I did that we had passed that sign more than once but kept a quiet mind about it. So I follow him back up the hill pedaling, as we began to sweat keeping in mind we didnt bring any type of hydration.  I stop my brother for a minute trying to catch a breath. "Hey we've been riding for atleast an hour now and i'm not recognizing these paths".  My brother checking his phone realizing we've been riding for over an hour trying to get back.

We decide to try and ride up the hill again seeing if there is any sign of familiar teritory. Our lips begin to turn dry, eyes begin heavy, legs burning , becomng sun burned we take  a break comig to a conclusion that yes we are lost. So we try to get on our phones, hoping to call one of our parents for help. Neither one of us could get any service. After trying to find signal we gave up realizing how dehydrated we were becoming. I began to panic saying we need to find water now before we become completely dehydrated. So we ride for another 15 minutes, seeing a car coming. layin gour bikes down as we stand in front of the car with a hope feeling smiling wide as they slow down in a questionable way. My brother approaching asking the man. "Hey man we're not from around here and kind of lost, do you know the way back, and have any water we could have?" The guy doesn't seem to really pay attention or care to much for some odd reason. As we see water sitting clearly right beside him he says oh no sorry I dont have any water on me for you guys, i was shocked!  And of course our luck, we stumbled upon people who were on vacation as well and had no clue as to where they were. So the guy leaves not really knowing how bad of shape we were really in.  We continue becoming in a state of mind of giving up. Telling each other stories of when we grew up, and how much we missed it chuckling back and forth. Carrying on riding up the hill as the heat was not letting down on us. By this point we had no choice but to take off our shirts and we began walking up hills instead of riding from exhaustion. 

I had realized that moment, our parents must know  and be worried as to where we are at. I had a sick feeling in my stomach thinking about that. I just couldnt believe that I was one of these people lost. I've seen movies, and documentaries on things like this and what do you know BAM!  just like that it became a reality in my life. So we take a break finding some shade under a tree both wondering what the hell to do. We sit there for about 20 minutes. I ask my brother,"Do you think mom and dad are looking for us right now?" He replies with a puzzled very down look saying " I really hope so, I have a feeling they're out looking for us right now because they're our only hope right now." I began grow heavy in the eyes, watering up, thinking to myself as I can't believe this is happening right now. But in fear of crying in front of my brother i try to man up and hold it back, but I knew I wanted to cry and I know he did too. 

It was mid through the day noticing sunshine was coming to an end soon. I tell my brother" It's getting dark man, we need to hurry and get home" . So we begin to find ways to retrace our steps and try to see if anything looks familiar. But ever damn tree looked the same so there was no way of telling. We tried for a bit. As a loud voice coming from my brother yelling" HEEEELP USSSSS , HEEEEELP USSSSS!" In fear of my life as well I yell with him, " HEEEEELP USSSSS!!"  After yelling till our throats became sore and hurt we decide to sit down. 

Now I didn't want to ever say this but in a scared shakey voice i say to my brother" Man, are we going to die here?" He replies with a loud "NOO, WE AR ENOT GOING TO DIE" giving me a look I had never seen before on his face. He stumbled back to his feet as I look up getting up after him asking him, "So what are we going to do then?" He replied with simply, "We're going to keep pedaling up this damn mountain." So we keep riding both of us determined to find our way back becoming very anxcious. My brother stoping me with a startled look saying to me, "DEVON, I SEE BIKE TRACKS!" I began to get butterflies of mad crazy hope smiling as I say back to my brother, "WHAT, NO WAY, LETS FOLLOW THE TRACKS"  We were both looking for any type of hope, not even for sure if they were even our tracks. So we start pedaling quickly  up the hill  following more bike tire tracks for a good 20 minutes of riding, burnt out quickly with a lack of energy left in us. We look around as my brother asking me" Do you see anything you remember?" Telling him "No, I don't recognize anything at all." We both began to panic, as we tear up realizing we've been lost for hours.  My brother slamming his bike down as I look at him , I don't think i've ever seen a face with as much dissapointment and scaredness in my life. I began to have tears flow into my eyes sitting beside him. Thinking about my past and laughing about it. My brother looking back at me stopping me wondering why i am laughing. I say to him. "I've noticed that we grew up together, sometimes fighting, even hating each other for a short period. But we've always stuck with each other from day one" I look up at him and say again pausing for a minute" And now maybe one of our last moments together, and just like the begining now maybe the end I atleast can say I am with the person I look up to the most." My brother turning his head, not saying anything, until I notice him tearing up a bit in the eye. He grabs me hugging me with tears flowing from both our eyes not even saying a word just letting the moment flow. 

About 20 minutes go by as we sat with no hope left in us.  We hear a noise approaching down the hill not a deer, a bike, or any animal. It sounded like what to be a car. But in my mind I couldn't believe it thinking i'm just hearing things. So I stand up shaking my brother to get up  as he begins to hear the noise to as both ask " WHAT'S THAT NOISE?" As we begin to see headlights our bodies fill with energy jumping to our feet as the car looks familiar. my brother saying to me "DEVON THAT'S DAD'S CAR!" The car pulling up as the window rolls down, I  couldn't believe it, it was my dad and I literally thought that day god had answered a prayer for us.

So, I guess you could say it wasn't really a vacation but really a nightmare. I am glad and thankful that we were found because we lost hope completely.  From that day on ha, I learned a REEEEAAL valuable lesson. Thankfully our vactions back inthe past year have been great, all though me and my brother haven't road those bikes since that year. But I am thankful that I am here and well. 

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