Bury me Deep I

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Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



Why I always wanted to be a Hero.

I never had any sort of precise expectations for my future, and the concept of family never interested me. That concept that is considerate by human society to be true happiness never interested me. I always wanted something genuine, something that will prove that I am alive, That I was alive, back in Highschool when I was listening to my friends and classmates discussions, that topic always popped up.
"What do you want to do in the future? How do you picture yourself in two years  after college after university?,"
All of my classmates always had their own answers, Some wanted to be engineer  and other wanted to become professional athlete. I on the other hand, just stand there smiling like an idiot, then gave an answer that would humor them. Personally I never understood, why most of their whishes were Soo boring to me, I Know I am not better than anyone. That I am no one to judge others dream, but why did I never understand them, I mean anybody can be an engineer, a pilot, a professional athlete. All you need is commitment, hard-work, and a bit of luck. And the same thing can be applied to family, most people dream of the perfect family with two children a nice house and a dog.
What is so special about it, it is not genuine anybody can have it.When I reached 10 grade, I started getting a certain interest in politics, and the state of the world .I quickly realize that this world was a mess ,corrupted politician ,people suffering around the world etc... Those Issues that defile the world more and more each new day , always bother me.But what I hated the most , was the fact that I am just a powerless human .I am just an average man in everything and even if I help someone today  , a thousand others are suffering in this world. I entered in deep depression and sometimes cried myself to sleep, but the morning was still coming reminding me ,that I am just a powerless human fated to live on this planet. I realized that it's impossible to save everyone, That pain is in fact part of what it means being human, and that without pain, we can not experience Joy.
?When I reached 11 grade ,I started watching more and more Japanese anime ,masterpiece like Fate/Zero, Sagrada Reset ,Serial experiment Lain , Gintama , Stein Gate,Hell girl ,Guilty Crown,Konosuba ,and wished my life could have be as entertaining as the one of those animes character.Those heroes were living genuine , an adventure that was not bound by the concept of society , something full of hardcore genuine moment .It is true all of their journeys were all just stories that popped out of someone mind , but I wish that something as similar to what happened to them would happen to me. Something that only I am able to do , Something that would have changed the world and made it better, but well reality is a bitch so well nothing happened *laugh* But well maybe one day , or in other life I will be able to make the world a better place. I do not wish to get rid of pain and sadness , but I want to reduce  it .I would have wished to create a world in which  everybody from different races ,Black ,White ,Hispanic ,Asian , Indian ,Latino . Could just sit at the same table talking about better ways to improve the world , On this table ,racism ,prejudice ,inequality ,Superiority ,and hatred would be forbidden. People have all the right to feel pain if they want , but this world is feel with unnecessary pain such has rascime ,Sexime ,Homophobic etc... 
Why can we not learn to love and accept each other for who they are? 
Maybe because we are human , and the fact that we will never be satisfy by anything.

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