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The real Emma

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



Dear David,

Apologies for contacting you in this way but I believe Emma is in need of your help. I’ve had to call the police once already for Emma’s protection after she made flippant suicidal threats and wont do it again. Last time Emma managed to ‘turn on the charm’ – quite laterally by flirting with an officer and made attempts to have me arrested on grounds of assault after I stopped her trying to leave the house through an open window. Also, I live in Devon.

Emma has not told you this - I can imagine why but I’m concerned that the internal stress is seriously affecting her. Her last message to me was troubling and came out of nowhere. I am only telling you these things so that you may help Emma and not to embarrass her - which is why I have chosen to omit many of the more unsavoury events and details. You need to know the real reason that we broke up, knowing Emma, I’m sure she will have told you that it was something I said, something I did or offered no explanation at all. These are all untrue.  t’s true that I broke up with Emma the day before her first exam; this was the day that I found out the truth.

While borrowing her phone to play a game she received a message from a young man I knew to be showing her unwanted affection. In my attempt to remove the message from the screen I inadvertently opened the log and to my surprise found an incredibly long conversation log. At first it seemed like nothing but then I began to read.  As I read I learned that this young man was not showering Emma with unwanted affection but instead the couple were having an affair (in the emotional sense at least, Emma would never tell me the truth so I don’t know if it was physical but I imagine it was) I learned that Emma had sent this young man photographs of herself and had talked in great lurid detail about her sex life with other individuals, I found very private text about myself, my job pattern, my injury and the opinion that I was pathetic.

While confronting Emma about what I had seen, I asked if there was anything else I should know, Emma told me that she had applied to join the Royal Marines in an attempt to become the first female Marine (this was especially troubling for me to hear as it would mean dismissal from my job and future aspirations) and had even gone to attend a SIFT interview and to partake in a Look at Life course at 42 Commando - a weekend she had told me she was reserved for taking care of her sister who was ill. This was where the conversation was left. Several days went past and Emma and I decided if we could try to make things work again.  When I learned from my flat mate that Emma was still lying to me (this part evolves you and your home in Spain directly) My flatmate who works at the Kit Shop with Emma under the owner Steve had learned, that during a week in April Emma had retuned to Spain and had slept with her boss Steve. It now transpires that Emma and Steve originally arranged for Steve to stay in a hotel in your village for the week but later this was changed to Barcelona. I was informed that Emma had told her parents that she was going out with friends for drinks but had met up with Steve in Barcelona, had spent the night with him in his hotel room and in the morning upon her return had told you that she had stayed with a friend or something to that effect. Sadly, this is not the first time Emma has had encounters with this man, I know of two times that Emma have stayed over at his house and of all the inappropriate behaviour that has happened on their secret exercise sessions - regardless of him quite literally being a man of your age whom is married with children. Steve, a former Royal Marine and member of Colchester was originally coming over to persuade you and your wife into letting Emma joining the Royal Marines, why this never happened I don’t know. Since their time spend in Barcelona Emma has made efforts to have Steve arrested for changes of harassment.

Eventually it hit me that Emma never loved me, was never going to tell me the truth, that she used me, that I could never trust her again and that ultimately I never knew her. After our relationship was over I found out that there were an incredible amount of things she had lied about; some small, some large. Emma herself has said that she lies compulsively and would have continued to lie to me had I never stumbled on the truth. Along with her lying, I know there are other issues that I believe to be affecting Emma as they are traumatic but completely accidental. These aren’t hers or anyone else fault and so I won’t mention them. I still care very much for Emma; I’m still in mourning the death of the person I thought she was, a person who never existed. All this must come to a bit of a shock, I’m sure she has painted a different picture of me and a very very different picture of herself. (If it’s no surprise at all, then I am wrong, I was a fool for doubting her and you should believe her in the future. If she’s been honest about all this then I’m sure she doesn’t lie to you too)

I think Emma needs to speak to someone, I know that she hasn’t slept soundly since all these (and more) truths came to the surface. I know she cries much of the time probably for reasons she can’t articulate. I know she no longer shows interest in activates she once liked such as going to the gym. I cant help her anymore and quite frankly every time these issues arise she accuses me of “trying to make her feel like shit” and plays off a victim card, reeling out an imaginary list of things I’ve meant to have done. I’m no saint by any stretch but I genuinely worry for her mental wellbeing if she makes her self believe she’s a victim. In addition, her last message to me said “if I made efforts to contact her again she would notify the police” I have no desire to ever speak to an individual of Emma’s calibre or reputation again but the willingness to envolve police actively into social matters is cause for concern – something she has shown relative ease in doing. If Emma should ask why this letter was written it should be said that threats of police activity are never underestimated and always taken seriously. She may not care about her reputation but I care about mine and I will not have my name besmirched.

I wont contact you or her again; please see that she gets the help she needs. Please tell her that if she contacts myself or any other member of my family I will go straight to the police. I’m very honest with my parents so understandably they are just as fed up as I am. Help your daughter.


All the best, for you and your family.



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