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did u ever hear about a plce , a place thats home to creatures unknown to all. a place even grown ups fear to enter and even if some one went inside they were never seen again . well if u did then read about someone who actually survived .

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



“Mom what is it why are u still up and dad why were you talking on the phone ,who was it at this laye hour " Alexandra woke up by the noises her parents were making ,she found it pretty annoying and un fair because she was not allowed to wake up till 2 and her parents were still awake breaking there own rules .“Alex I am not in mood for a joke let me do my work and you go to sleep " her father looked a bit tensed but anyways she had to do what her parents said .” umm mom would you mind telling me why dad is boiling with anger " Alexandra whispered to her mom whith a smile . “ Come with me ” Alexandra's mom took her upstairs to her room and said “ Listen your uncle Max has gone missing .Actually he he has been missing for 2 days your dad and i are finding a flight to Japan we need to go your Aunt is worried sick . " Alex didn't know how to react “ Butmom where did he go , where was he found last time ?" Alex loooked into her mum's eyes as if she already knew the answer but too scared to even thimk about it “ not the forest , noo it can't be " Alexandra did not know what to do “ He told your cousin violet and your Aunt Angelina that he was doing a reeaserch on that forest he went in the forest ofcourse not alone with 4 other journalists but all of them ran away as soon as they came closer to the forest " Alexandra's mom was really stressed out she went back to the living room . Soon Alexandrawas in japan sitting next to her cousin who was countinuosly sobbing “ They say he won't come back its been sooo many days the police is searching for him but no results they are blank they don't know what to do " violet ssaid but Alex gave her hope“ these grown- upsare really coward tonight we will go in the forest and search for your father if he is in trouble than we are going to help him " after alot of quarreling both of them decided to go . Night fell the exhausted parents slept but the girls were up flashlights ,snacks, bag packs everything was ready .“ Are u sure about this no one ever came back " violet said and they answer was TRUST ME . Both girls stepped in scared but hopeful . They knew the forest had a dead end but there was still hope . After an hour of walking and shouting dad dad and uncle they got tierd “ lets sit down a bit " Alex said “ Are you insane it's a haunted forest and you are asking me to sit down under a tree a ." violet growled like an angey bare whose meat was taken away. Sunddenly, she heard sounds of someone mumbling just behind her , her heart beat got faster , she froze in that position unable to say anything too scared to even speak .She felt as if some one was standing right behind her Alexandra shook her “ what is it why did you stop ? " Violet ran up to Alex “ some one is following is i am soo scared please do something . lets get out of here the police will find dad " not giving them time to even think wolves started to howl ,bears started to roar , owls started to hoot .“ mummummummum Aaaalex ppppplease ddddoo sssomething " Violet spoke as if she was going to die “ oky we can panic ummmmm .... hold your breath " Alex said totally confused . “ what are yoy mad " violet was shaking with fear . ” DO YOU WANT TO LIVE OR NOT . DO AS I SAY AND LIE DOWN HERE NEXT TO ME " they both lied down violet felt a wolf comming closer she held Alexandra's hand tight “ stop panicking they will sense your fear just hold your breath " violetdid as Alexandra said. Only breathed once or twice a minute .A pack of wolf just crossed the girls but one was left behind he came closer , closer, closer and...... A HOWL WAS HEARD PROBABLY THE PACKthe wolf went back . The girls were safe ATLEAST FOR NOW . “ you almost got us killed what were you doing why did you shout nonsense now keep that mouth of yours shut and move forward ." Alexdra said as she was really mad .Alexandra walked forward violet stood up “ Alex i'm stuk " “ What now " Alex turned and just she turned she screamed “ violet ..... Behind you ." Alex pointed and just as violet tured back to see she screamed and yelled for help .It was a figure , standing behind violet,with lips as red as blood, eyes without pupil , teeth of vampire with blood driping , hair messed up , nails as sharp as knives a creature one could only imagine to see . The girls ran as fast as the could a fter 10 minutes they they turned their heads to see if the demon or the spirt was gone but the hear of breathing heavy breathing they turned their faces forward and it was standing in front of them . speechless, hopeless these girls tried to back off but the fell on tje ground . The creature moved forward ,thirsty for blood .Violet could not breathe they both closed there eyes . “violet , open your eyes violet open your eyes .it's gone ." Alexandra gave violet some water. “ you fainted and when i opened my eyes it was gone " Alexandra said .“ my arm hurts it took hold of it . did you find dad " violet said . “ ummm no but we will don't worry i called mom they are on there way .we can not survive on our own .you are hurt aswell" Alexandra said hopelessly . Violet and Alexandra were soo scared but that they have seen the danger they were not as scared as before . it was 4 in the morning slightly brighter . The girls waked slowly as they knew it was pointless to find max as the forest was soo big i guess experinces do give lessons . Alexandra's parents along with police arrived at 6 happy to see their kids alibe but badly wounded .violets arm was bleeding and Alexandra had cuts on her cheeks .Max was found 2 days later .he was wounded he had a surgery for spinal cord as there were chances he might paralize but he survived being paralized but one of his leg had to be chopped off as a wolf had attaked him.2 years later his book on this forest became the most famous book but Alexandra was never able to sleep alone after that every night that spirit would come in her dreams and haunt her .

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