Deadly Friend Part 2

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A new entity had taken over Sheba the canine, name Joseph with the pack under his control, he was able to perform human sacrifices in the forest. Townsfolk were kept in the dark, they knew something was wrong, but didn't know what to fight against.

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



Deadly Friend

Part two

Sheba isn’t  Sheba

Many of the residents fled the town after the war with the dogs was over with, but in return, new residents came to settle in our small little community. Everyone who played a part in annihilating the canines had all left to settle somewhere else where deadly canines didn’t roam. Nobody knew for sure whether they would be back or not merely speculation surfaced in view.

We celebrated the life of Mack who is now deceased and moved on to another life where peace, tranquility existed. How we chose to honor his memory is the way our dear friend Mack would have wanted it, instead of everyone hanging their heads, sobbing with sorrow deep inside.

A year and a half had passed since the encounter with the devil dogs. No sign of them anywhere around the countryside. Some of us knew better than to let our guard down with the pack roaming somewhere up on the hillside. The Adams family nothing like the T.V. show Adams family; saner than that thank goodness. They settled here about six months ago friendly enough, helpful too especially the young ones about nine years old I  would say. Summer was coming up, and the discussion came up about going camping, taking a breath of fresh air and relaxation.

I should have said something, but I kept quiet instead like a fool idiot because their disappearance has raised some questions whether or not they were alive by some of us older folks. Robert Wagner rode out on his horse to look for them and what he discovered disturbed him greatly; tents ripped to shreds, blood stains on tattered clothing. Something happened here, but it was unclear as to what that something was.

Something Odd and peculiar about their disappearance, the campsite destroyed, no tracks on the ground, none visible anyway. The hair on the back of Roger’s neck stood on end making him feel leery about being in the open; like a sudden coldness just swept over Robert as if winter was coming early. Without knowing what or where he got the feeling of being watched by something. Making tracks and getting far away from there is what he did indefinitely.

The news got around town, and assumptions took flight in the air spreading like a virus with no cure in sight. I knew it the pack is back said, Curt Jackson. Townhall filled up with men, women, children in less than a half hour. Robert spoke I am not certain of anything yet, but I got the feeling something was watching me. The damn pack is back I knew one day this was going to happen, Curt said. Robert a bit annoyed with Curt talk like that and the whole town is going to be panicky, so keep it quiet you nincompoop. Robert being on edge anyway still trying to think rational seeking a logical explanation.

Sheba is watching from a distance with glowing red eyes like a demon licking her chops, a thirst for blood on her lips; an evil spirit from a witch doctor that lived there thousands of years ago. The pack is waiting for her command to massacre every human being down below on her say so. Full control of the pack they don’t dare go against her, she would kill them in a blink of an eye. Sheba was waiting for the right moment to resurface and make her debut. Sheba was not herself anymore, but something more terrifying.

Roger got the feeling something more sinister was going on, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The need to go back up there was growing more urgent, he wasn’t going alone this time. He asked for volunteers to accompany him back up the mountain to the scene. Tobias Peach came forward and asked to go along. Ok. Need one more, Roger said. Montel Lawrence, a newcomer that came to settle in Texarkana, volunteered to go along. Alright, it’s decided the three of us will go back up there to take a second look around. Roger and the two men rode out after the town meeting to scour around at the site for any hidden clues.

Traveling into the forest after viewing the scene one last time, coming to a stone of a god once worshiped that showed signs of recent visitors; in the ashes lay a human bone. Human sacrifice recently performed at the stone god, sending chills up their spine so bad they high-tailed it out of there, neither one of them spoke about what they saw up there in the mountains.

Another family disappeared in the woods while camping; they suspected this is not the work of dogs but something much worse. Roger went alone back to the stone god observing it one last time, and what he saw was a horrific sight, bodies freshly burned with a hand sticking up from the ashes indicating the families death happened a short while ago. In town when he returned from the grisly sight, suggesting to everyone to stay out of the woods or face a nightmare roasting in burning red fire.

Some of the folks didn’t understand what he was talking about, and Roger certainly would not elaborate on the subject. All Roger would say is I will not speak of it anymore, so don’t ask, But Cecile and Adeline Hardy, newcomers that only settled here a few months ago, pressed for answers. Nothing, they got nothing, zip, zero, zilch.

The Hardy’s only had more questions for instance what the dog pack is? What do they look like? And so on, being new to the area it is understandable they would want to know, especially if there is an immediate threat to be of great concern. Stonewalled at every corner they went, Mr. Hardy got the feeling he would soon find out.

Roger went home after being bombarded with questions; in the fridge, a cold beer was waiting for him which he snatched up and sat down in his chair. The impression he got while up there investigating the forest; something extremely evil was at play here, but the question swimming around in his mind like a fish getting its afternoon exercise. What or who, so evil could be behind these gruesome sacrifices, the answer is not in plain view where he could see it.

The time was going by so fast; he didn’t realize it was dark outside there was a knock on his door. Who at this hour would knock on my door, Roger thought silently. When he opened the door to see who it was, he was not prepared to see Sheba sitting on his step and what happened next was difficult for him to decipher. Hello! The voice spoke, he looked around from side to side, up, down nobody around. The voice said I am down here. Scratching his head in confusion looking downward at the dog sitting there, and the voice spoke again, Roger you mortal idiot; your time will come for your unfortunate demise.

I am here to forewarn you and your mortal friends they will be barbecued just like the others; I am Joseph, the sorcerer that once ruled this place until you pathetic humans tied me up to a tree and lit a fire for me to burn. Before I roasted, I swore I’d be back to reign again, so here I am. Roger confused about what he saw before his eyes; he was feeling himself to make sure he wasn’t dead. Joseph my evil is here, and I thought you should know who your opponent is; you’re all going to fry, he gave off an evil laugh so horrifying if would make your skin crawl. Roger closed the door; I only had one beer; surely I am not drunk; I better not tell anyone about this they’re liable to think I am plum loco.

Morning came around, the sun shining brightly on Roger’s face when he woke up, covering his eyes as a shield from the sunlight. When he stood up from his chair, he said that was some rude awakening. As the morning went on, he poured himself a cup of coffee in an old tin cup never caring much for the glass ones, always said they were too breakable. After taking a sip from his tin cup tasting the freshness of freshly brewed inhaling it like a piece of tobacco. Roger turned his mind to last night before going to sleep in his chair by the window; he was wondering if he dreamt all that.

Peter came knocking on his door; Roger opened the door after setting down his coffee cup. Peter, he said, what brings you out here this late in the morning? A man and woman vanished sometime in the middle of the night I suspect; Roger replied who they were? Zeke Weasley and his wife Jody, Oh Dear God, Roger said. A gut-wrenching feeling swept over Roger, cause he knew what happened to them and exactly where he could find them. Peter didn’t stay long; he had other people to tell the current events Bye, said Peter, Yeah, Bye said Roger.

When Peter finished telling those who needed to be informed about the couple, he started back towards home to get something to eat, until Sheba cornered him. Finding himself surrounded, well Peter looks like it’s your turn for a barbecue, oh I guess you haven’t heard I am Joseph. I am a sorcerer from thousands of years ago before crucified under a tree. Now that you know the person behind roasting you like a side of beef on yesterday’s market marked down. Come on your own accord or the dogs will rip into your flesh dragging you to your unquestionable fate it won’t do you any good to fight it. Peter went willingly flabbergasted by the new talking Sheba; he thought what kind of prank is this.

Peter tied to a long branch over the fire pit, helpless as ever and Joseph said, the odor of your burning flesh soaring in the air will bring great pleasure to my nose, your screams of pain and agony will die out in seconds like the burning flame that seems endless. The fire ignited by a flick of the hand consuming Peter like a living intelligible entity consuming flesh in the depth of darkness. Joseph tells the Hounds we are stepping up our game; well fry them where they stand or perhaps a bonfire of live bodies.

Two days passed and no sign of Peter, nobody knew of the terror that would fall upon them they would come like a lightning flash striking a metal pole bringing hell with them. Joesph and faithful canine followers preparing for the sacrifice that will soon bestow upon his victims. At this moment Joseph is feeling cheerful that his reign will prevail in this little hick town as he called it. His laugh would send a chill right through you clear down into your intestines that cringe at that evil sound.

Town meetings became fewer trying to find a solution as to how to go about stopping what’s been going on the past six months. The townspeople in the dark as to the who is behind it, they were like little-lost sheep who went a stray from the herd. Elbert got up from his chair and said somebody knows something around here so speak up right now. People like Elbert scared and afraid to sleep at night in fear they could be next. You could feel the tension in the air like it was tapping you on the shoulder to let you know It was visible.

Roger didn’t bother to attend the discussions in town because as Elbert put it somebody did know something and that person is Roger himself. The desire to spill the beans to everyone was no more attractive than a slice of raw meat; he was having a hard time grasping a talking dog how bizarre. Every night his routine consisted of drinking a couple of beers to ease his crippled mind, he would say to himself most often sitting in his chair glancing out the window that most certainly needed cleaning.

The town meeting was finally over, and Elbert asked a few of the attendees about Roger, apparently hiding himself today. Everyone went home will a gloomy look on their face, uncertainty was filling the air like a polluted pond with dead fish floating on top. A roar so loud came over the town; you could hear it all the way to the next town, it was the sound of death taking names and forgetting your number.

When the sound roared through the night sky, Roger sobered up real fast send a cold chill right through him. He quickly got up and searched for his pistol, but couldn’t remember where he set it down. No way is that thing out there going to burn my hide, no way, no sir I am going out of this world in a roaring fire hot enough to cook a stuffed pig, Roger said.

Joseph still inside Sheba taking control of her mind and body informing the town that their end was now, he sent the dogs to round them up, gathering them to an open prairie waiting for Joseph to appear at this human barbecue. The people scared with no idea what is coming. Next, the dogs are snarling and biting at folks to keep them at bay like cattle.

Sheba headed to Roger’s house to round him up personally, but he had vanished which made Joseph very angry, he let out a roar like no other, and you only hoped never to hear a sound like that again in your lifetime. Roger is hiding behind the barn peeking around the corner; Joseph said I see you Roger come on out. When he realized it was pointless hiding, stepping from behind the barn with his sidearm holstered that he don’t remember placing under his mattress, but that is where he found it.

Roger felt brave armed with a weapon, so you want to party? Roger said. Joseph coughed before responding, mmmm Roger just what do you intend on doing with that toy gun? Toy gun my ass why lookie here there is exactly, oh shit no bullets, well what the hell good is an unloaded gun anyhow? Tossing the gun in the dirt, now follow me like the dead man you are. Excuse me; I am not dead yet you measly what ever the hell you are. Joseph replied, true but you will be. Maybe I don’t feel like dying today, or just maybe something goes wrong, Roger said. Joseph just laughed.

No! Come back this can’t be happening, Joseph said, wiping the evil smirk right out of him. It looks like I get the last laugh, you foolish talking thing you. Sheba fell over dead as a doornail, completely drained of life, and Joseph returned to his resting ground for eternity. What remained of the dog pack were hunted the following morning, and every last dog shot dead.

The End.


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