Oh Sea

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When I was young I lived by the sea. I have heard many strange stories, and the idea for a poem came to me.

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



At one time, you're so calm,

At another you do much harm.

You took my love from me,

Oh dangerous and cruel sea.


You left me weeping daily,

But how can you care?

I was left in frailty

With much pain to bear.


You came sweeping over my love,

It was a dark night, no stars above.

You swept everything out of your path,

Oh horrible sea, full of wrath.


I bathe in you with great fear,

Knowing that danger is always near.

Your waves are still a great mystery,

You drive them to the shore vehemently.


Oh sea, I know you're a danger to me,

And yet confidently,

I plunge into you;

And then come out all black and blue.


Oh sea, great and vast you are,

With strange creatures beneath your deep.

You stretch so terribly far,

I could not cross you in one leap.

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