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This story is about a dead soldier who gave me a message to take to his mother. When I met her we got into a conversation about the spirits.

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



The road before me stretched for miles upon miles with trees on both sides. There was not a building to be seen until five miles into the  journey. On my left was a tall strange building. I pulled up to the side and went to have a look. I walked through a door and found myself in an open yard with lots of grave-stones ahead of me. I took a stroll up to the nearest one, and started reading what was written there. It was of a soldier who was 17 years old, and was killed in the area where I now was.

I glanced to the next stone and saw that that too had the same age. The highest age I saw was 19. I stayed there for a few minutes, and as I was about to walk away, I heard a voice, and I turned immediately, and saw no one. Then as I turn around to walk away again, there came the same voice. It said: ''Come nearer, and listen to what I tell you.'' I moved closer to the gravestone. The voice continued, ''I want you to go to this address and give this message. Tell my mother that I'm well, and ok.''
I replied, ''Yes, I will do that.''

I got the address from him, noted the name that was on the stone and went back to my car. I sat there for a few minutes thinking over what had just taken place. I had heard people talk of such thngs before, and paid no attention to it, but now it has actually happened to me, it was really strange and amazing. The address that he gave me was not far away. It was the next place on my journey. I started the car and drove away.

The place I came to was not very big. There were a few houses, and some big outdoor barns, a post office and a police post was there along with first aid. It was not hard to find the address, and I went straight away to it. It was a white-washed small house with lots of beautiful flowers at the front and a green hedge to the left of it. I went up to the door and pushed the bell-button. The door opened and a woman around 45 stood there.
''Yes,'' she spoke with a mellow voice.
''I''ve got a message for you.''
''Is it from my son?'' She asked, opening the door some more.
''How did you know?'' I asked her.
''He's done this before. When someone come to me, I know immediately that it is from him they come.''
I had to ask her. ''Are you clairvoyant. Can you hear the spirits? Why didn't your son contact you?''
''He can only do that through other people. The line between us is not open. Yes, I can see things before they happen.''
''What is the difference between a soul and a spirit?  Can a soul die?''
''Of course, a soul can die. The soul is the thing that let you now that there's a spirit."
''If the soul dies, why cant the person carry on living with the spirit?''
''They do, but they have no body to be visible to others."
I said to her, after I had some coffee. ''It seems to me as a very complicated business. But I wont deny that there's something strange that I cannot comprehend.''
"You cannot see the wind, only its movement through the trees, and you can feel it rushing against you. There's no way that you can see it.'' She said to me. I had another coffee and chatted some more trying to understand what the spirit is actually doing.

The first thing I did when I left the woman was to go to the town and find a library. There, I found a book rack loaded with religious and spiritual writings. I picked out a very old book and started reading it. It was very interesting. It says that the soul has to do with a breathing creature, and that the spirit is the part that let us to know God and to worship Him. For God himself is a Spirit.

So it has become very clear to me now that the soul is not the spirit. And it has become clear to me that if there is a physical world, there must be its opposite--the spiritual world. And I'm now well prepared for any more contacts.



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