diaries of the dead

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Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



August 3rd 5:12 AM:

Waking up in a meadow full of roses with the scent really addictive. The green grass brushing my skin softly and gracefully whereas giving me the sensation of a cool and peaceful atmosphere. I lay there with my eyes closed while the light from the sun strikes my face like the ocean covering half of the earth. I had my fingers all tangled up in the grass knotting it so I could feel the cool dry earth on my fingertips. Am I dreaming? I thought instantly cause everything felt so real and so fresh but with the blink of my eye the scenario changed abruptly. I was now lying somewhere I couldn't see anything but abandoned buildings, fire everywhere, barren area with no wilderness of humanity at all and a dark-blood red sky. Where am I? What place is this? Why is it so empty? I couldn't find my pace and I couldn't place my breathing. Sweat all over my body were travelling miles and miles of skin to stabilise the temperature but my veins were experiencing high speed pressure of blood through it while making every part of my body to get electrified every second. Without any second thoughts in my mind I started wandering off in the area like an intruder new to all of this situation. My body was acting with the fits and starts metabolism which made it extremely difficult for me to explore. I could see nothing until I noticed a graveyard up ahead so I entered it with creaking sound of the gates while got lost in the massive grave numbers in that yard of the dead. Slowly I hovered over a grave so I could read the name but the gravestone contained the word "Trust" over it which caught me off guard and astonished so I started reading every gravestone and everyone had "Faith", "Hope", "Humanity" , "Kindness" , "Love" , "Attention" , "Politeness" , "Loyalty" , "Confidence" and "Soul". My mind was racing so bad that I couldn't figure out until I realised that I wasn't dreaming of any scenario but I was within myself. This huge graveyard was a part of me until it died right away because of someone or something. I could feel the saltness amount rising in my mouth and the tears stuck in my throat making it sore. Suddenly I could smell the burning of my soul and the turning of it into ashes while the burial. The world was dancing infront of my eyes whilst I started feeling dizzy and my knees gave up making me fall to the ground so that I could be reflected as a quitter. Memories were washed up except for the ones that resulted in death of half of me. Everything rushed up into my head like a flashback and I remembered the suffering, the crucifixion of my personality, the altering of my pride, and the demolishing of myself. I was inside myself so weak and vulnerable that anyone would easily defeat me off and crack me wide open with injuries of never healing bruises. Tears started to stream down my cheek like a river flowing as well as my stomach was churning and turning to give me nauseatic feelings of throwing up. I couldn't think of anything but stare at the graves like a stone craved statue with no human qualities. I had no answers to the questions that were rising up but all I could do is stare and cry. I felt myself slowly fading like rose petals in the wind and suddenly I woke up abruptly screaming with terror regarding the nightmare I experienced.


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