A Theroy of Human Spiritual Continuance

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Comparing older faith based systems to the new religions and also concepts found in psychology.

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



Re-incarnation, re-birth, born again. The phrases come together through a cosmic truth. In spiritual concepts such as Buddhism, which is of the more ancient faith based systems brought forth among humanity, there is the understanding of more than one lifetime. Here it is realized that 'no self' is a principle of spirit. In new religions such as Christianity, the spirit is known as 'soul' also called the 'holy ghost.' The misnomer being that the 'self' or the 'ID', ' identity' a phrase of psychology, that which is created through life experience and memory, is the living energy itself. This incorrect concept denies the fact which is found in basic science, 'energy cannot be destroyed, but only transferred.' That energy known as soul is found in all human beings and beyond, is without memory of 'self.' The soul is the energy that infuses the human body while living. The possibility of connecting with the 'self' or 'spirit' can be possible in the concept of re-birth given time. When the physical body dies, the soul which is indestructible and of continuance is transferred. Here we meet re-incarnation, where the living energy of the soul is reinstated into another human being in and around the time of physical conception. Born again, the 'self' seeks to remember and find spiritual continuance. And thus human eternity.

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