Stumble On Air

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Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



Rivers brown as mud.

A chair sinking in the sand.

A priest held the mark .

As we stood there

hand in hand.

The voices whimper

a scaffold cry.

That sounded like

a mother

humming a quiet lullaby.

A sight burned by beauty

altered the rhythm

of my breathing.

Locked in chains.

A desire poured with rage.

Will the steeple be standing

as strong as today ?

On my sleeve ,

my heart begins to wear.

The deep incision

the answer stumbles on air.

Riddance of trauma

never said goodbye

the eyes return the favor .

For not one tear will be cried.

As a mare of bourbon

tends to my needs.

I feel your hopes

bending at the knees.

Red cloak of Washington

high on a balcony.


the hills of snow .

She stampedes in my dreams

and swallows me whole.

will I ever see that love of mine.

It will be rare.

As I clatter through

the cold

and stumble on air.

You gloss your face

with a mask of wonder.

Romeo dances

with a heart of thunder.

As I boil my thoughts

in explosive powder.

The vision of affair

makes my sirens cry louder.

Hinges of silver doors.

The noose will settle the aching score.

As a flake of ash

embers red.

It proclaims a grudge

to be held

until I'm dead. Until then ,

I wait in the sunshine


Let's seal the crease.

bury this love

and make our peace.

The pain has me scared.

Of finding the truth

that stumbles on air.

We are the rustics

ancient cities found alone.

Living lonely by the sea

no one to call us home.

Nothing is built in one single day.

Not even Rome. Linger insomnia .

you're the fuel that drives the night.

You caress the empty feelings

I've kept so deep inside.

On a distant beach.

A stranger calls to me.

To suffocate the worries

and give me some relief.

As we intertwine

like poison ivy vines.

I hear a scream of jealousy

from a love that said goodbye.

I comb back her dark brown hair

and try to keep my balance

as I stumble on air.

The clouds aren't always blue

when there's a chance of rain.

But, one way or the other

love will find a way.

As we are still in love

immensely. ..

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