The Boy with the Mushroom Heart

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Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



The boy with the mushroom heart
Kicked puppies on his way to school
He spat on roses, flicked ladybugs hard
And peed in his neighbor's pool

This ugly boy with his ugly ways
No one could understand
He’d bite the toes off frogs
And drop kittens off roofs
Just to watch 'em land

This scoundrel, this bully, this awful child, 
I heard
Took out his father’s sandwich meat
And replaced it with a turd

Pulling wings off butterflies
Just to hear them scream
Dropping bricks on fuzzy chicks
Wasn’t just a dream

I know this kid
I know him well
This boy with the mushroom heart
I comb his hair and brush his teeth
I tie his shoes and cut his meat
I hug his mom and say his grace
I clean his ears and wash his face
Every morning when I look into the mirror

© Copyright 2018 R.Guy Behringer. All rights reserved.

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