Sober Society Stinks!!!

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Let The Words Speak For Themselves [L.T.W.S.F.T]. Soberity just plain sucks.

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



Drunk people don't really die

Instead they live on among their own

In the same way that the sun never truly goes away

With its light illuminating the moon

Acholics anymonus is just a form of bleated reconscilation with society

The entire process is pointless

Getting help from other people 

Strangers that supposedly understand and have useful answers

But perhaps its different

By some slight chance humanity might be reaching out to drunks

The acholic life comes with a high meant for only dreams

Reality, a crimminal of sorts, attempts to prevent this makeshift Vahalla

Wake up

The real world is no good for anybody

Now is the time to realize that the truth are now lies

The villians are now heros

The Human race has created an opposite universe from which the ones wisest are shunned

Animals will not rule the world in the end

The drunks will

A collection of heroines meant to reach past the mininal boundaries of life

That drunk person aired for the world to scritinize on the eleven a clock news

Knew what had to be done

What is being done

So this death is meant to hold meaning

Not one of caution rather one of immortality

Because death

The act of dying 

Merely introduces a person to the vast after life

Where do these drunks lay in this after life

Why in tthe field of dreams

The true final frontier

Drunks know the score

An essence that never truly leaves

The high of an eternity 

People have it all wrong 

Small minded beings with no real way of knowing the reward that comes with a drunk man's way of life.

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