The Suffering Of Saturnine

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Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



The goodness is vane .

Like her breath

on a window pane.

A leaking heart

healed with a suture .

unfolds the uncertainty

of a tunnel to the future.

Long past time

to close the dead eyes .

That fell ill

to my conflicted surprise.

Could this season

of our love out last ,

the apathy of gloom

that became the downcast?

The tension arises

like boiling water .

In a fling of affair

corrupted by a daughter.

As a heartsick mind

erodes to insane.

The door to heaven

becomes closed again.

The particles of life

separate like sand.

When you wake in November

you're as empty as your hand.

The forces reach out

like a blue crest valentine.

The emotions I feel

are left for saturnine.

Through the haze of fumes

a breath is new.

It covers the glass

like morning dew.

A home forever frozen .

Black jars spread into a dozen .

Will anyone survive ?

My starving heart

on a distant shore.

It eats her love

like a carnivore.

I undertake the human race

Her chest is now an empty space.

Arteries and one weak chamber

that funnels a shuttle

filled with danger.

As the hourglass

runs out of time.

I'm another victim

for saturnine.

To cage the end.

A dark cloak

within the curtains .

Diffused and standing tall .

My heroic efforts

have me backed against the wall.

The pane is dry

so relentless.

Lost without a cover

saturnine is breathless .

Pull me out

of the dragon's mouth.

I fear my own ingestion.

I live for years

on helpless love .

I need a soul connection . All I'm worth is

washed up dedication.

Will anyone survive

this spree of aggravation?

Clear my rusty vision .

As I peer deep beyond.

To see a fuel of romance

shining brightly

as the dawn.

No more pictures

paused in frozen winters.

I feel this shame.

For a mist can't

laminate the heat

of window pain.

Pull me out

of the maze.

I'm lost within your spires.

Trapped within lonely days.

Loving you is such a crime.

But, the reward of misery

is given to saturnine.

One body

with a hundred uneasy souls.

Makes a traveler walk for eternity.

Searching for a glimpse of hope.

But through the deadfall

of a thousand kings in time.

Stands a maiden with a new rose.

And a gift of saturnine.

Will anyone survive ?

As a man of steel

sleeps at dawn

and finds a way to shine.

Rage on apart

until the pit

is filled with hearts.

Until cadaver has a blade

so dry

that the meadows start to cry.

As bile spills

and begins the rain.

Saturnine waits

for her breath

on the window pane.

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