Neighborhood Universe

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My experience with a universe so close to ours that you don't know it's there.

Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017




By Bijan Qualls


My hands were beginning to look fuzzy. I looked to my friend who seemed to be noticing his fuzzy hands as well. We looked at each other in amazement as the effects took hold of our bodies.


There wasn’t much conversation, and we didn’t need it. We could communicate to each with new ways, more evolved ways. Merely the type of frequency from the humming of our existence was enough to understand intent and feeling. While we sat next to each other in the chairs we began to search for external stimulation for our minds. Music full of knocks and distorted voices, visuals of universes melting and being born: these were all things we witnessed. It’s not so far fetched then to believe we witnessed another universe, a universe that’s so close to this one that humanity invented the portal to it. It’s not one you travel to physically, but mentally.


It’s odd, because I had no warning that I was in it. It’s a place where you have to figure out that you’re there, or you’ll miss it. It’s that close to us. Once there, your body in this realm will become dormant and stay here. Your mind will travel. There’s a bit on insanity involved. My friend described it as having your mind pulled apart and then put back together at the very end. You don’t know how or why it’s pulled apart. And you don’t know how or why it’s put back together, but it is. It’s always put back together at the end.


Some people see things very vividly while they are there. Some like myself have the images put together with another part of their body, the brain. The brain puts together images regardless, but this time it’s different. The images are originating from somewhere else. It’s almost like your imagination, except it’s not. It’s something else. And I wasn’t alone while I was there. My friend and I weren’t alone in this realm. A presence far greater than us waited just at the edge of our mental detection. You could feel the power of the presence was inconceivably great, even though it was infinitely far away.


In this place you are not human. That’s where the insanity comes from. You know you don’t belong in this realm, but there’s a sense of familiarity. A sense that this isn’t unexplored territory. Others have been here. People like my friend and I. Curious explorers of the mind and the cosmological. In this place you are the stars. You are the universe in a much more literal sense than the usual connection with the universe. Humans are born from the universe, definitely. We are mass, we are matter of the universe. But in this place, you are a much more primal form of the universe. You are pure energy. You are what makes up the stars and the galaxies.


While in this place, you will experience stars being formed and reformed as this universe so close to ours recycles all the materials. You’re never used though. You merely observe. Something obviously doesn’t want to use you. Maybe it doesn’t need you, maybe it doesn’t want you. I feel it’s simply the fact that it wants you to just watch.

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