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Don't be alone.

Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



I was getting bored and didn't knew what to do.
Then I thought that a walk would do.

I took my phone, a map, a bike and went on my way.
It was a nice day, meaning that it was a cloudy,
Chilling day, when few others would be out.

The trees were of a charming beauty.
Despite the clouds, the water was hard to look at,
Because of the amount of light.
Still, I was looking at the variety of birds, fish and insects.

A wonderful day, but something felt wrong.
As I was immersing more and more in the landscape,
Sadness was slowly covering me in a blanket,
That grew heavier with each passing wonder,
Confusing me..

Then it finally hit.
It hit hard, forcing me to stand-by for a moment.
I hardly managed to hold my tears.
I hardly managed to continue moving.
It felt like a depression crysis, bringing me down wholely.

Life is a wonderful thing,
Full of exploration and experiences,
All to be shared and cherished as precious moments.
But, I was lacking the one most important thing.

I was there, in that idilic set-up,
All alone; and this loneliness, 
With its twists and turns, made me sad.

It may make us stronger, it may be of great use,
But sometimes another is required, to stand by you.

A friend is a friend, no matter what you do.

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