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this is an introduction to my book "bandages for the heart".

Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



My name is Cindy Renee Dancy. I am a 43 year old mother of 2 and a grandmother of 1. My hobbies

include writing, desert and cake making, and reading. Writing is my first love. I learned to read at an

early age by mimicking my older brother who was more interested in collecting his toy cars than his

school work. I loved to read because it took me to places I had never had been before. My

imagination became a person to me; a best friend. I remember as a child I spent most of my time

hidden in a closet or anywhere I could be alone with a magazine, preferably the Sears or Montgomery

Ward’s Christmas catalogs flipping back and forward thru the pages making up stories. I loved to play

in the rain or make mud cakes underneath my grandmother’s house with my brothers and little

cousins but my imagination was always better than my realty. I wrote my first story in kindergarten. It

was entitled “The Girl Who Ran Away”. As a kid I always told my mom I was running away and she

would let me make it to the corner before she would send my older brother Mike to chase me down

and walk me back home. I always knew Mike was coming and I had no idea where I was running

away to but I guess it made me feel like my mom would care if I left. Looking back it now I guess even

as a child it was my way of trying to get some affection from my mom. I don’t remember my mom

being one of those affectionate, kissy-kissy type of mom’s and that’s what I wanted. I wanted my

family to look like the pictures I saw of the families smiling on the cover and in the pages of those

Sears and Montgomery Ward’s Christmas catalogs. I never got that. And even now at the age of 43 I

never will. My brother Mike died in a car accident 24 years ago. I haven’t spoken with my father in

over 2 years. My younger brother Joe and I have a complicated relationship but we speak often and

he is the first person my kinds or I call on in any type of crisis. He’s there for us and I’m thankful but

I’ve learned to accept things as they are. I still imagine things but it was accepting things as they are

that led me to writing. Once I stopped imaging things would change between me and my family and

accepted the pain that comes with realization my pain become words. Some people speak words out

of anger, they try to use words to cause others to feel pain worse than what they feel. I tried that too

but it only broke me further. I guess I’m just not built that way. I learned to “unfeel” some feelings of

hurt by pretending certain people didn’t exist. It’s not the best way to handle things but we do what we

can to protect our hearts which is why my book is entitled ‘Bandages For the Heart’. This book wasn’t

just written by pen or by keyboard- it was written with tears, pain, love, and hope. It isn’t a “woe is me

tale” or a book meant to point fingers at anyone. This is a book of hope for anyone who lost their

hope, faith, trust in GOD, belief in family, and most of all their self. This is what I hope is a though

provoking and inspiring catalyst for learning to forgive not only others but ourselves and a loving

bandage to soothe the brokenness many of us carry in our hearts. 

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