untold love

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Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



As i stand in line,the prayer started, the whole school started sing prayer song.like everyday I didn't even move my lips for prayer,while standing there still and eyes closed. as a mild breeze flows with smell of sand and there it comes the little drops pouring from sky.everyone ran to take shelter,where as I truly enjoyed rain so I walked slowly to get fully drenched in rain before getting to class.,where I saw this girl, walking just like me , spreading her hands and lifting her face up… who was enjoying rain same like me.. " Hey,Ram if your getting wet like this don't sit near me" shouted my friend As I just lost my control over my heart beat Seeing her. me and my friend went to the classroom,i told my friend " dude I saw a girl in rain she was so beautiful " he said " don't lie there is no good looking girl in our school" I replied " I'll show you " in lunch break me and my friend searched the whole school but we couldn't find her

Next day at school I never liked the prayer.. but never expected that it would change.. as I was waiting to see the girl in the prayer..as every class were coming to prayer ground and there she is, like an angel she appeared from no where with those cute little smiles,chatting with her friends slowly walking and stood in line.., I was seeing like " tiger seeing his prey " I totally forget where I was standing.., the prayer started..for the first time ever I liked the prayer song… i silently told my friend " hey , there she is, the girl I was talking about" he saw the girl and said " hmm,she is cute " This went on for some days.., seeing in prayer, going to her class, following her in cycle while going home.

Until.. One day I was following her.. she's going in front of me in her cycle, me slowly going beside her, she suddenly stopped and saw me and got down of her cycle.., I was like " oh my god, I'm dead " but acting casually, whistling slowly rode my cycle crossing her..,she suddenly blocked me and I was acting like "what's going on " and she slapped me in the face…i felt ashamed of my doings..felt bad on me…

From that day I didn't even see her, stopped going to her class,stopped following her, but couldn't forget her…

Few months later.. One of my friends called me and said that she had met with an accident, everyone in her friends circle went to see her in hospital,but I didn't go, because I was afraid that how would she react seeing me.somehow I got courage, me and my friend planned to go and see her next day. Next day My friend called me "Where are you " he asked " I'm at home pick me up " I said " We are going to her house not to hospital " he said " Why would we ?" I asked " Because she's dead " he said

Tears rolling out from eyes and crying loudly inside my heart… me and my friend went to her funeral.. I couldn't see her face with my guilt killing me.. one of her friend asked me that she wants to talk to me

" Ram, right ?" Questioning my name " Yeah " I said " Do you know why she slapped you ?" " It's because I was disturbing her " I said crying " No, it's because that you would talk to her in either way,whether saying sorry or getting angry on her.she just wanted you to talk first " she said " Why she want me to talk to her ?" I asked

" She loved the same way you did.she felt so bad that she slapped you.she waits daily for you in cycle park that who would follow her to home, every day while she is going to home she would turn around look for you and one day she didn't mind road where as this accident happened.when I was in hospital with her,she would ask whether you came or not.if he comes tell him that I'm sorry " she said

Now every year I go to her grave and say

" that day you were waiting for me to talk, but here I'm waiting for you to talk ,hold my hands , wipe down my tears"

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