Life can be blinding

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Life can be rather difficult and sometimes unfair. That's just life's reality and nothing will ever come easy. It can lead you down a path that is to difficult to see and understand.

Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



Before I knew it my life changed, things started to fall out of place. Took a step back to accept this pace, reality then hit me right in the face. Still jobless at the age of 21, still determined to prove that I am the one. I wanted out of here to many times, although my path was not clear this time. 

Grew up poor to the core, mom and dad weren't there to guide us anymore. Thrown to the wolves to fend for ourselves, we never had a change to express ourselves. I wanted to be young forever, grew up to fast I still wanted to do whatever. That led me down the path to doing wrong, got to hung up drinking it all gone.

What I had all vanished in a flash, booze run on the daily I've been spending all my cash. Regretful nights getting into useless fights, black out and loosing sight to what is right. When in doubt all my worries became to heavy for me to even carry. I dug myself a hole to deep to get out, began to loose too much I began to loose count. 

Whatever happened to me? How did this all become too much for me? I had dreams and aspirations, and the all started to fade into false desperation. The decline of my life started to reach the bottom, no fame to my name, I still rocked bottom. What was left of myself was a lost man, who got blinded but the sight of his life. 

I guess in a way money does buy happiness, being broke made me feel more hopeless. This is a tale and my reality, either fight or be taking down by life's cruelty. I sit alone in the dark hoping for a change, knowing you have nothing creates more pain. Having nothing all my life, makes me more determined to continue this fight. 

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