sick in the mind

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Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



This is where I'm at. 

I react like someone that has lost their facts. 

So sick my combat is like snails moving; laying their tracks!

Loosing, moving and rooting for that moster!

that controls my every move, My every decision, My every thought and how I react!

why does it matter? dont you trust me?

corrupt when I fought! Lost like mad when I errupt!

so when will I cry knowing that we're stuck?


Can you trust me knowing I have seen the light? 

Shamed for the sins that have always remained. 

Cane was good then battled pain when he fell and he stained his heart for a chance to reign!

How can we rise knowing this world fights against everything we do and controls how we're raised!

Lost our faith for God said if we believe moutains will move which other find crazy.

It still does not stop to amaze me when my prayers are answered poeticly with semetry!. 





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