Albino in the Rain

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Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



There once was an Albino boy named Benjamin; he had no Parents and no place to live; All his life he lived down the bottom of a well, Benjamin Haunts people if you watch him on an evil dvd disc,  when the phone rings, he says Trick or Treat; Trick is, a Electric thunderstorm turns the power off; and Treat means, two weeks your dead; If a person went in the well he would attack them; Benjamin likes to stalk people by walking in the rain, every single day. The next day in the afternoon; there’s a ten year old boy named Kyle, he was waiting for his step mum Hannah; to pick him up from school, while he was waiting in the classroom, he was drawing pictures of Benjamin near the well; Hannah suddenly arrived; she saw the pictures that Kyle Drew, Honey who is that Boy? That’s My Imaginary Friend; Benjamin! Sooner or Later! Kyle needs to know the truth, that Benjamin is not invisible, he’s a Real evil boy. Vinny and Buddy who are two good friends watched the cursed dvd disc when the phone rang Benjamin’s voice said Trick or Treat then Hangs up; the power went out for a quick second, and the Evil dvd disc decided to kill Buddy. Vinny sobs; Nooooo! Buddyyyyyy! Vinny now lost his best friend, he drinks, and tries to move on; Hannah finds out the news that Buddy is dead; Vinny told her it had some scary images on the disc, a boy down the well; when you watch it! the phone rings! and he says Trick or Treat! Trick is like a prank! Treat is two weeks, then you die. Oh my god! my step son Kyle was drawing pictures with a boy and a well, Benjamin is he’s name; I got to go; I have to save him; you Must destroy Benjamin, I will try my best, she said! Its raining outside! Benjamin goes wandering, and stalking people at their houses, he looks at them through the window, but when they turn around, he vanishes quickly, and makes his way back to the well. Kyle had a nightmare about Benjamin he was soaking wet, Hannah went to put Kyle in the bath; Hannah hallucinates that Benjamin Became a part of Kyle, so she drowned him, and when it turned out to be Kyle, she said I’m sorry honey; she cries, and gives him a hug. The Rain started coming down again, Hannah and Kyle saw Benjamin walking in the Rain, as soon as they got outside, Benjamin vanishes so quickly without being seen; Hannah calls Vinny; he said to her, I’m on my way! As soon as Vinny arrived at Hannah’s house, she said to him! Vinny you might think im crazy, but! Me and Kyle saw Benjamin walking in the rain, when we tried to stop him, he disappeared quickly; Vinny responded us three have to work together to destroy him, Kyle can you tell us anything, from your nightmares that could give us clues. It must have to do with the tape and the well, ok good! we should burn the tape and confront Benjamin, then we put him in the well, and he’s out of our lives forever; Vinny, Hannah, and Kyle went to the cabin to burn the evil video tape; then they went to the well in the basement all they had to do is to confront Benjamin to come to them; Benjamin appeared and stared at them; Hannah says to him, ok Benjamin we’re going to stop you once and for all.













Benjamin Held a chainsaw to threaten Vinny, Hannah, and Kyle; Kyle Secretly grabbed a steel wrench and chucked it at Benjamin’s face; as he said, ow! ow! ow! and didn’t watch where he was walking, Benjamin then fell down the well; Vinny, Hannah, and Kyle then covered the well, and Benjamin finally got destroyed. 5 years later; Vinny, and Hannah got married; Kyle now Calls Hannah, Mum! and he’s lucky to have Vinny as he’s Dad, since the years gone by, Benjamin has never interfered them again, The happy Family can finally move on, and have a good life, without being interrupted by anything.

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