The Loop

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Daksh is stuck in a time loop. The loop might be infinite, but his health and ultimately his life is not.

Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. He whistled a song completely out of tune. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he gelled and slicked his damp hair to a spike. He felt a lump on his head but ignored it. He winked his approval at his reflection in the mirror.

The ancient wall-mounted telephone rang.

No one was nearby. Daksh picked up the receiver.

“Daksh?” a raspy voice queried.

“Yes. Who is this?”

“Don’t speak any further. I’m your future self…”

“You are who?”

“You need to escape this place…there is an evil engulfing…only chance...”


“I’m not joking…listen…”

Soft footsteps were approaching him from behind.


His world went black.


Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. He whistled a song completely out of tune. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he gelled and slicked his damp hair to a spike. He felt a lump on his head and frowned. Where did he get it? Had he bumped his head against the swimming pool’s walls while lapping? Shaking his head, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and grinned in approval.

The phone started ringing. He knew he was all alone in the gym. He strode over and picked the receiver.



“Listen carefully. I’m your future-self.”


“Time is running out Daksh. You need to escape…”

The line crackled.

“Listen, whoever you are. Don’t play games with me...”

“I’m not playing any games…just listen to me…”

More crackling sounds in the connection.

“I’m not falling for such juvenile pranks…”

Daksh heard faint footsteps approaching him from behind.

He impatiently glanced at his wristwatch. It was ten minutes past eight.

“Daksh, this is not a joke. Run away, escape…”


His world went black.

Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. He whistled a song completely out of tune. He winced as he was applying gel to his hair. He felt his head and discovered a ping pong ball sized lump on it. Perturbed, he discarded the tube of gel and pulled a T-Shirt over his lithe torso. A visit to the doctor was in short order. He felt the beginnings of a headache.

The phone started ringing, its harsh noise increasing the throbbing in his head. Feeling a sense of dread, Daksh picked it up.

“This is Daksh. Who is this?”

“I’m you from the future. You need to escape from this place.”

“Are you for real?” he nervously pressed the lump on his head.

“Run away, Daksh. You don’t have much time.”

Daksh’s attention wandered towards his wristwatch. It was four minutes past eight. What was happening? He remembered the watch’s digital display show 8:07. He was confused. The voice in the phone was now screeching amidst the crackling in the line.

“…Daksh!...Run…now…can you hear?”

Daksh was feeling faint. He thought he heard faint footsteps approaching. He made to turn…

Crack! Black!!

Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh opened his eyes. He was standing in the shallow end of the swimming pool. His head throbbed with pain, blurring his vision. Abandoning his efforts to swim, he stumbled out of the pool and fetched a towel. He used it to dab his head gingerly and immediately winced as an extra jolt of pain coursed through his nervous system. His eyes watered. He looked at the towel and saw a red blot spreading through its pristine white threads.

He realized he was in peril. But he couldn’t understand the why or the what. In a daze, he whipped out his wristwatch from his gym bag. Its digital display showed 8:05. A shiver ran down his spine. He was sure he had seen his watch display 8:07 and 8:10. Was his mind playing tricks with him?

The ancient wall-hanging phone rang. Daksh picked it up

The voice on the other end simply said, “Turn.”

The call got disconnected.

Daksh sensed soft footsteps behind him, whirled around and came face to face with a gorgeous woman in a red dress. Some corner of his brain signaled him that he had seen her somewhere.

“Excuse me, have I seen you…”

His query remained incomplete as she swung a glass flower vase crashing down on his head.

His world went black.

Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh walked into the club, whistling a song completely out of tune. He was feeling surprisingly energetic that day. He had solved a very complex case the previous day. His overjoyed customer had given a free pass to access the facilities of the newest and swankiest club in town. It was rumored that membership to the club was strictly by invite by the management only. The who’s who of the city was desperate to gain a membership and Daksh felt a sense of triumph. He was drowning with joy…

He was drowning. His lungs screamed for oxygen even as it protested the intruding water. With an almighty kick, he exploded to the surface. There were streaks of red on the ripples. His wound was bleeding profusely. Daksh desperately held on to the steel steps and hauled himself to the floor. He coughed violently and greedily breathed in the precious air. He tried to stand up and promptly fell down to his knees.

The receptionist had her back turned towards him as he entered the pool section. She had a killer body, Daksh thought. She was placing fresh flowers into the glass vase in the niche behind her chair. He smelled a whiff of jasmine perfume.  

The phone started to ring. Daksh crawled towards it. He heard soft footsteps hurrying towards him. Somewhere he knew it was essential that he answered it. With a burst of energy, hitherto held in reserves, he dived and grabbed the receiver and placed it near his ear.

“One last time, Daksh. Don’t give up. It will be bad, but you can do it. Remember to keep your eyes open. Then, all you need to do is…”

He smelled a whiff of jasmine perfume. His watch showed 8:04

Crack! Black!!!

Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh was floating. He was in a place where pleasure and pain were all the same. He smiled at the naked form below him. Piercing green eyes twinkled and luscious red lips moaned with pleasure as he moved. He didn’t want to stop. He wanted to spend an eternity buried in her. She shifted slightly, maneuvering herself above him. He smirked at the spectacular view filling his eyes as she arched her back and let go a silent scream. She had a frenzied look in her eyes as she picked up speed and moved her hands to his throat, smothering him…

She was sat atop of him, her hands restricting the air supply to his lungs. His head felt as if it was about to explode. The phone was ringing, its harsh noise increasing his pain multifold. He wanted it all to end; He wanted to close his eyes and go back to the happy place of before.

Suddenly, a faint voice spoke through the tumult of pain. It reminded him to keep his eyes open. He used all his will, training and powers to do so and then he saw her. The gorgeous green eyes and luscious red lips looked out of place on the hideous face of the Yakshi.

Memories came flooding back to him and so did his knowledge of arcane spells. He tried casting a spell to throw her off him, but couldn’t remember the last verse. The Yakshi grinned deviously as she used her elongating tongue to trace a lazy circle around his navel. He jerked with revulsion even as his hands fought to free his throat from her grip.

The phone was ringing continuously, its volume ever increasing, begging for him to answer it. Daksh knew that the last piece of the puzzle lay in him answering the call. His headache had increased to such levels that he actually felt individual folds of his brain throb. He was fading, the black spiral into oblivion speeded up by the Yakshi’s ever increasing grip around his throat.

He only had seconds. He stopped fighting her and let go of his hands that were in a desperate struggle to free himself. With his now free hands, he grabbed the back of the Yakshi’s head and in one violent, swift movement brought it down, his lips meeting hers in a crushing kiss. Green eyes blinked with confusion and Daksh pushed with his legs against the wall, propelling the both of them towards the phone. The Yakshi’s eyes burned with rage as she increased the pressure around his throat. With one hand still pressing her head, forcing the kiss, he shot out his other hand and grabbed the phone. With a delirious look on his countenance, Daksh brought the receiver to his ear.

“We win”

With a triumphant grin, he mumbled the last verse of the spell and the Yakshi was thrown off him with extraordinary force. She struck the tiled wall and crumbled to the floor. With a quick, second spell Daksh turned her into a pebble.

He remembered everything now. The excessively flirty receptionist, her intoxicating jasmine scent, the drugged pool water all throwing him off his usually alert self. He thanked his years spent in training for his survival. Any other man would have been easily disposed of with the first blow to his head. Even as he was being struck, he had muttered a spell creating an infinite time loop and casting his soul few minutes into the future, thereby escaping the moment of death. The telephone became the medium for his soul as it was nearby and perfect for the mission.

With every call, a little of his soul was getting transferred back to his body. That was the reason the Yakshi was intent on not allowing him to answer the call, her each attempt getting bolder and more violent. He wondered why, initially, his soul warned him to run away. Maybe it was confused?

He should have known; He shouldn’t have believed his customer. He fixed his wounds with a healing spell and got dressed in silence. Smiling wryly, he kicked the pebble into the pool. He had dealt with the minion. Now, Daksh had a date with the Devil.

Yakshi - A mythological creature from Hindu, Buddhist and Jain lore akin to nymphs. Though usually benevolent, there are supposed to be malevolent Yakshis as well. Yakshis are usually gorgeous.

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