The Bachelors of Egypt

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Two brothers facing regular life challenges during an irregular time of a Nation's history, after their parents passed away, they both had no one but each other. Karim, the older brother, works as a Senior Marketing Executive for a Multinational Corporate, "Macky". An energetic young man with ongoing career accomplishments and a social life full of joyful moments post working hours. Karim’s brother Ali is an ambitious Media student aiming to use his future profession as a tool to make the world a better place after graduation.
Timeline of the story (2011-2012):
In Egypt, the year 2011 marks a brief Era of Enlightenment (post the Jan 25th revolution), with booming figures of book readership, and Internet usage, when most citizens had an increasing interest "To Know", along with mixed feelings of Fear, Hope, Belonging, and Excitement... regardless of their affiliations and beliefs. Liberal voices were rising in a society commonly-believed to be conservative, existential struggles started hitting many minds within the middle class; why are we alive? And what is worth dying for? were among the popular questions. Debates about Economic Stability, Justice, Feminism, Emigration, right and left wings’ ideologies were all integrated within a single scene... bringing all taboos up for discussion.
The book is 90% fictional, 10% factual, and it's the reader's responsibility to differentiate.

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Submitted: August 12, 2017

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