My magical love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this world every little thing is full of magic but we just need to see it . They say beauty is in the eyes of beholder but I say magic is in the eyes of beholder . I have my reasons to say it .


" Help ..." I was in an old building screaming for help . I was searching for exit but could not find . Out of fear I collapsed over the ground .

When I opened my eyes I found myself outside from the building . I was confused how I came out because no one was there . I was confused and very scared so I ran away .

I stopped at a shop because I was tired and wanted to have some water .

Shopkeeper was a boy with bright face long and thin body . I was happy to see him because for a long while I was alone on the road .

" How can I help you ? " asked shopkeeper .

" Mmmmm....I ..hmm ..I need ..some .."

I could not complete my sentence .

" AHhhhhh...."

A loud screaming of a woman came . We ran in direction of voice .

" You wait here ... I will go in ."

Shopkeeper boy said and moved in the building .

" Hmmm...."

I saw a bicycle and put my hand on it but my thumb stuck in wheel .

" OHhh... what the hell ..."

I pushed my hand forcefully but I fell back over the ground .

Then a aged man arrived to help me but shopkeeper intrrupted him .

" Stay away from her ..."

He lent me his hand and help me to get up .

" Who is that man ? "

" You don't need to know ....I will tell you some day .."

He didn't tell me about anything about him .

" Give me that ...."

" Yeah...."

He gave me a chocolate bar but as he put that in my hand chocolate bar changed into a buiscuit pack . I was astonished to watch it .

" I don' t like biscuits ...."

I smiled and he took that pack back with a gentle smile .

He put that biscuit pack in a tray and that pack changed into noodles .

" I know like noodles .."

" How ....huh??? ....I .."

I couldnot say a word . How he knew that I liked noodles ? How he could change things ? Is he magician or somethig ? I was going to crazy .

He put his hand ove noodles and made them alive they were moving .

Because of his these magical tricks many people gathered and they were not giving me way to watch his tricks .

He noticed that I was not able to watch him and pushed by people . He came out of his shop and took my hand .

" Come ...with me . "

" Whatt...?? "

He took me in middle of people and smiled with his shiny eyes . He put his hand on my waist .

" Don' t worry ....."

" Hmmm... "

I even couldnot say a single word . My cheeks were red out of embressment .

All people were watching . I had no idea what was going on with me .

He spinned me around . As he spinned . My ordinary clothes changed into very pretty glittered white dress and his clothes into very expenssive black suit .

People around us were applauding him for his final magical trick .

And I was happy and surprised . He noticed that I wanted to ask lots of questions but he smiled and hugged me tightly.

" Ohh... "

" Don't be painic ..."

He was trying to comfirt me but I even didn't know his name .

" Heyyyy..... wake up idiot how long you are going to sleep "

I found my self on bad and saw my sister was standing in front of me .

" ..Hmmm ...was that was a dream ??? "

" What...rubbish are you talking ?? Get up its late . "

I had breakfast and moved for my job . But my head was full of that magical boy .

I was thinking and walking carelessly and stumbbled into someone's arms .

" Ohhh....sorry ..I should walk carefully .."

" Why you always get into troubles miss ??? "

I glanced at his face and shocked to see his face .

" You ..???"

He was the shopkeeper from my dream .

He took my handkerchief and changed that into a beautiful red rose .

" For you ..."

" Hmmm ... Who are you ? "

He ignored my question smiled and blinked .

He left to his way . I was just looking at rose he gave . I had lots of questions in my mind .

" How a peraon from dream can come in real life ? a person know me when I don't ? ...Is he ghost ?...who was that aged man in my dream ? ...What is his name ? "

So many question were hitting my mind .

I was just watching red rose that he gave me .


Submitted: August 12, 2017

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