Extra Celestials

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You just never know what you might find in the fog.

Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



It was a very foggy night within the hills and across the farmlands of Misty County. The fog comes in off the ocean and settles into this valley almost every evening, which is a blessing to the residence in many ways.

I was out walking, soaking up the ambiance, when I saw a strange light over one of Cecil Barker's wheat fields.  

The light didn't come down from the sky, as described in some science fiction books; it just came on as if someone turned on a light that was already there. Anyway, the light was so intense that I could see what was happening even in the foggy conditions.

I huddled down into the shadows to watch the strange goings on, and after a few minutes I realized that the light was coming from a big oval craft that was hovering just above the wheat field.

That is when a large door opened on the lower half of the craft and within a minute a ramp projected out of the craft, then to the ground.

Soon afterward, three tall and Squid-looking creatures floated down the ramp; they looked as if they were surveying the general area.

Suddenly one of them made a sound and all sorts of little animals ran down the ramp and into the wheat.

Shortly after they did that I heard the unmistakable sounds of wheat being chewed, and in a short time the wheat in that area was gone, stalks and all.

After the wheat had been cleared away I got a much better look at the little critters, and there sure was a wide verity of them. They were all very short, no more than three feet tall, and they all varied in color and amount of hair, the ones that had hair; kind of like dogs.

One of the Squid-looking creatures made that same sound again and the little guys scurried back up the ramp, disappearing into the craft.

Shortly after that, another Squid-looking creature came down the ramp carrying a sack with something in it. The creature floated across the wheat field to Farmer Barker’s house and left the sack on the back porch, and then it returned to the craft. That is when all the Squid creatures went inside, everything closed; then, Poof, the craft was gone.

I never told anyone else about this because, well, quite frankly everyone in Rose County has a UFO story to tell; many are a lot more sinister, or mysterious, than the one that I just told you.

Besides, those stories are always met with skepticism and a round of jokes. That is done to counter any suspicions that humans might have.

After all, there are so many extra-celestials living in Misty County that many of us have lost track; which ones are the humans and which are like the rest of us." 


D. Thurmond / JEF


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