Crumbling Walls Within

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Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



New generations torn apart from the elders eating there own 


Purpose no longer in the future as each house is cracking and no longer a home; 


Drifting from the center, far on towards the edges of the outer sphere 


Nothing looks as it once did, the fog is set and the world less clear 



Directions can't be taken, nothing warranted for me to gain 


Only looking out for number one, as I'm watching everyone else around me seem less sane; 


Fed up with emotion as there tears have beset to violence 


No one hand is out, instead they stand with virtue in there silence 



Didn't feel welcomed, now they wish to tear it all down from the inside 


Tragic as it may seem, everyone is fighting for a lie; 


Thinking life will be forever, and if not make sure you aren't dust settled away 


Glued to the wrong things and your hate won't subside today 



Thinking this is all a cinematic movie in which you are the star 


The devil in your belief was thinking  you'd get out with just a scar

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