the giant #3 : new people

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when kishan goes to the bike park with his friends, he is not sure whether or not to let them ride it

Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



Ding! Ding! Ding! “Alexa Stop.” Kishan jumped out of his bed, and ran to get ready. When he got ready he went scarfed down breakfast, and had his dad drop him off at school. He ran to Ms. Davis’ classroom and exclaimed to the class “Happy last day of school!!!! Oh dear,” he said softly, as only him and the teacher were in the room, “I’m the only one here.”

“Well still,” started Ms. Davis started “Happy last day of school to you too!” Kishan thanked her went to his seat and was so excited. His desk had been cleared out, and all he pulled out was a bottle of shaving cream!! (At his school, it was a tradition to clean the desks with shaving cream.) Kishan was giddy with excitement. When recess came about, Kishan met up with his best friends Hayden and Kai, to talk about riding bikes. He said “I’ll text you about it when we get home.”

When he got home, he indeed texted the boys, and they agreed to do the plan. They got to Kishan’s house, and had a snack, played some video games, and left for the new bike park that had just opened up. The ride was short as the park was only a few minutes away from the neighborhood. When Kishan and his friends saw the bike park they got very excited. The park was huge and the ramps were steep and fun. The boys could not wait to start!

When they got onto the course the boys tried out everything to find out which was their favorite, and then did it repeatedly. Then the boys asked if they could ride Kishan’s new bike. Kishan wasn’t sure about the answer to that question. He had just got the bike and didn’t know if his friends knew how to shift gears and use the handlebar brakes instead of pedaling backwards, which on his bike, nothing happens. But these were his friends and he trusted them, so he said yes. But he was still nervous.

Luckily, nothing went wrong, and Kishan got his bike back, in the same condition he gave it to the boys in.

When it got late, the boys got home and Kishan said “If you want to come over later you can, but I can’t have people after 11:00.”

When Hayden and Kai got home they found their parents were still at work, so they headed back to Kishan’s House. They played games all night, and when they had to leave, Kishan had an idea.

“You guys should ask your parents if you can stay the night!!”

“Great idea!” Hayden and Kai said in Unison when they called their parents, they got permission to stay the night. It had been a great day, and Kishan slept well that night.




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