The Nest Of City Lights

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Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



There are a thousand pens .

Writing out a lifetime plan.

There were lines

with five miles of cars .

Sounding their horns

as if they've gone mad.

People on every corner .

Only wanting to belong .

As me and my sidearm

set off the dawn's alarm.

Way above the concrete jungle .

Two souls are made of steel.

Over looking what we've become

in a fury that never rests.

The lights are a nest.

Prison bars sealed

around our hearts.

Like this life we're living in.

Slow motion .

I can breath

as far

as the eye can see.

But in the prism of now

Borrowed time

is never free.

Like intrepid warriors of fate

we race .

To the sound of lightning .

Just before the lights go out

we quiet the pollution .

If only for our needed brief moment.

You stagger your body

into mine.

As we rest post desires

In the nest of time.

Faltering chemical air.

As lethal as my delusions.

Enhanced by fumes

bringing forth my confusion.

There's a draw in the offspring

Of summer.

That makes me

take you to slumber.

Where the onset

were kisses of a billion

underneath the shade

of the sea side pavilion.

Among the grasp of pleasure.

The city whines with jealousy.

It can't consume our lives

And board them

with enmity.

Far above the afterglow.

Where the nest has began to grow.

I demonstrate the aftermath

of a crumbling building .

There's no where to run .

There are a thousand pens

writing out a lifetime plan.

Where they chase crazy daydreams .

They had visioned in a trance.

Now the nest is empty .

She wears a coat of many colors.

Each one being love.

In a city that never rests.

I'm one man

on the corner of nowhere

and a place I can't call home.

As here we are again.

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