The Inner Circle Of The Awaiting

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Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



From inside ,

a love waits for me.

It seems like eternity.

As I sigh lifelessly.

She holds onto my hand.

With both of her strengths.

Awaiting the vision

of what the future will bring.

Pry this want free.

from our cold eager hands.

With a promise of forever.

I vow to make my final stand.

It's so unpredictable.

To love what you can't hold.

It's a story of the afterlife

awaiting for it's face to show.

A cry heard around the earth.

Blessing the day

of youthful birth.

Virgin arms so weary and afraid .

God answered the prayers

that I have prayed.

One look at me and I was through.

My heart turned to mush

from eyes sky blue.

I had been waiting

for you my son.

I thought my mind

had came undone.

This is the time frame

delaying .

Three true loves

were always awaiting.

To be together like dust.

That will erode into the earth

and evade the crust.

Dreams are real.

Imprints of my eyes

linger beyond the window sill.

From the pinhole stars

that wrecked a father apart.

You're just like me.

And my wait is through.

You want it all.

And I want you to

tie a noose again.

Butterflies have twinkled

inside me like rain.

I await.

For the next phase of life

to ease this wrenching pain .

Cornea abrasions .

Waking nights

pierced lacerations.

A nightmare brought my faith.

The season had changed.

Because you were alive inside.

You await.

World behold the son shine.

World behold the wasted time.

To empty it

into my cold wanting hands.

I want it all .

You want this life.

And I want

to hear your cry again.

She melts away my inner circle

that had me chained in shackles.

Tearing out my heart.

Deep within cement.

She promised me

it would all be alright.

I had to find out

what that meant.

In this moment wrapped in pleasure.

The universe appraise.

As we hold into what we missed.

We no longer await.

World behold the son shine.

Everything I need always

awaits me.

For endless love.

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