Road to Anxiety sequel

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Sometimes the only thing left to do is face the sickness abusing head on.

Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017




Just when I had you suppressed,

You return cold deadly with a vengeful thrust. 

Again you can’t wait to begin your torment not even for a second,

Damn you, you fill my stomach with disgust.

Last time you had taken so much, so what more from me is left to suck? I hope like me you puke it all out I hope you choke on it and die you sadistic punk.

Why me? I always ask the mirror I want to smash my fist against it. Who cares if it breaks, who cares if I bleed? I already suffer. I already have the worst luck.

 I hate you with such a passion if you don’t believe me now you will when I feed you the same poison you fed me. How do you like that, huh, you wicked fuck?

When I tear through my skin I hope it makes you cry. This is what you were asking for all along, so here take what you lust,

Taste your own medicine, however bitter I won’t fuss. If it hurts me it hurts you in that simple logic I trust.

Let’s see who gives first or who first crumples to dust. Every bite, scratch and burn is for how everything was.

You were so use to controlling my mind my body but this time you’ll shut the hell up. I said hush!

This time your thirst will be both our curse,

 Right after you have a suck. You’re gonna know enough’s enough.

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