It is they--the Planets.

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I have been studying the planets for over forty years. That's where the idea for this poem came from.

Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



It is they--the planets,

That dish out the cosmic food.

Everyone gets,

What they want, just like they should.


Still we moan and groan,

Never at all satisfied.

We must remember that we're on loan,

And are living on the earthly side.


So you're complaining,

Because you got not enough.

But if you wait, you'd be gaining,

What is smooth, and not what is rough.

As much as you cry,

They cannot hear you.

Every day until you die,

They will not fear you.


The 'Great One'  has laid them out,

According to his cosmic plan.

They do not run around and shout,

For they're not made like  a man.


Become wise, and understand,

Generations are still to arrive.

They'll come and live in the land,

And work from nine till five.


It is they--the planets,

Working like computers.

Intrinsically sets,

Circles for the wise, and looters.


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