Medusa In A Stone Of Love

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Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



Current beams

flourish through every vein.

As she untangles her hair

that is soaked in venom.

She heals like a god.

Turning bruises into stone.

Her heart was left at Sarpedon.

To hault foreign love at once.

She is my guardian.

The woman to whom I cling.

I have traveled with her always.

She carried silence on her wings.

The thought police

are closing in for sleep.

Without your love

I weep .

I am in this sweet dream.

Brushing the smoke from my steam .

Living in the slip stream.

One moment to make it bright.

Medusa ,

Your the myth in my eyes.

Medusa ,

of the cracked vase of doom.

Beauty was torn so long ago .

When you cry ,

You're wings turn blue.

Now the light of all that's good.

Is flowing into me.

Dark Medusa .

She stays with me here.

Sings seashell hissing lulabyes .

That whispers tragic forces in my mind.

And in my mind.

I am afraid.

To the vallies gladly

We walk unadorned.

With Greeks and their creations .

With filth and disease.

My medusa ,

You can't be surreal.

As long as I can dream of you.

In my heart

you are real.

Medusa , of the fallen myths.

You are the love

I kept in bliss.

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