The unexpected death of you

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this is a summery story of what happened when my best friend died unexpected, And how his family and i became family from a sad situation.

Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



I remember our last conversation like it was yesterday, Burnt into my brain like a beautiful sad song stuck on replay, I could live in that memory for the rest of my life. 


Our conversations were always uplifting and full of fuckery;We were always laughing and smiling, Even on our more sad conversations we were still there laughing just trying to lift each other up but looking back now at those last words we spoke to each other they were different.

I remember finding us in a deeper conversation then before, You sat there on my screen explaining to me everything you have accomplished in these past few months, I remember smiling and getting very emotional, I was so happy for you, I thought to myself, Damn! He's fought so long and finally its paying off in his favor.. About damn time! 


We talked a bit longer about how lucky we felt to have each other in our lives, Even if hundreds of miles were between us, That didn't matter, I remember being excited because we talked about finally being able to meet up since we were both in good place and had the means to do so, It was getting late so we exchanged our usual goodbyes, you always said "I got much love for you homie always know that." And i always needed to hear that. 


Two days later i was walking some friends out after having a fun night, A did what i usually do, Sit in my bed and scroll through Facebook, I remember having some odd friend requests, And some random Facebook messages. I thought nothing of it at first, But i saw some posts tagged to your Facebook that were very alarming, I remember not being to breath as i read through them all, Panicking i quickly read my messages i have been ignoring these past few moments, I just couldn't believe what i was reading, I remember blowing up your phone crying begging you to answer,Hoping it was a misunderstanding, Or maybe just maybe it was a mistake of identity or something.. Anything else.. I thought to my self this cant be happening, What will i do without my best friend?


I remember sitting there shaking and scared, My mind just couldn't wrap its self around the idea that you were really gone, I looked up the news report, I needed to see it to believe it. And there it was right in front me, The words i was so desperately scared of. " Twenty five year old killed in fatal crash with a tractor trailer " I was numb; I could barely make it down the stairs, My mom was asleep on the couch, But awoken quickly when she heard me in the kitchen, She knew something was wrong, She called my name and i just turned around and looked to the floor. 

She asked me nervously, "WHATS WRONG?" I could barely talk, I quickly mumbled his name and quickly began to sob and i hit the floor, I remember my mom jumping off the couch holding me while we both cried. The next few weeks were like a horrible nightmare that i couldn't awake from. I laid in bed crying for days.. And i swear i felt him in there with me in those moments as if you were there with me. 

His family over those few weeks got in touch with me and as i did with them. We were complete strangers but comforted each other as if we all knew each other for years, And now we are. All of this happening brought a few strangers together and made us all family. Without them i dont know how i would of gotten through the first year. And for that i am forever thankful of them. 

One year and 7 months; that's how long its been without you in our lives. But something amazing has just happened, on Thursday August 10th, I happily and excitedly awaited for his father and few other family members to arrive to where i live to finally meet the people in person that iv'e grown so close with. When they finally arrived in my drive way i was in totally shock and overwhelmed with emotion. I remember thinking to myself " God he's the spitting image of his father" It was very special and emotional for all of us. but something we all needed. And i swear again i felt him there; with us. I saw him that day, I saw him in the face of his father, I felt him in the kindness of his grandfathers words. I felt his spirit in the wind that gently touched my skin. I felt him all around us.

I cant really explain how it feels so lose a friend, Especially one so young. I miss him everyday, I wish he was here. But i have came to realize, Hes not gone.. Hes still here; Living  with us, Watching over us, He will always be apart of me. And as long as i'm alive he will be here; Within me. 

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