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Again, this poem is just from Ideas.

Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



Tell me of love, and far away places,

Of how the Olympians won their races.

Of the Greeks and their philosophy,

And of how I came to be.


Tell me of the big bang,

How it all started.

Of how the Muses sang,

And of how the Red Sea parted.


Tell me the story of Adam and Eve,

Of the flight of the winged dove.

Dont force me, but make me believe,

In Him who is full of Love.


Tell me of the pregnant woman,

Who laid there in pain.

Of the soldier, the mighty Trojan,

Who end up being slain.


Tell me of those atomic particles.

That travels faster than light.

Tell me of Rythm and Blues,

Of songs that keep you awake all night.


Tell me of the moon and the ocean tides,

Of galaxies far away.

Tell me of the fanfare rides,

That are taken every day.


Tell me of earth where we live,

Of how once it was a sun.

And how it had to retrieve,

Itself, from being overun.

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