Broken Panarchy

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Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



The sunset never looked so beige.

It was wrapped in resilience.

Portraying a rainbow phase.

The tower of sleep ,

Cloaked like ivory

around my band of dreams .

It shined so bright .

It afflicted sun beams

in distorted light.

This ring was my intention.

To draw your last retention.

I muttered out the lines .

But, your beauty

had me hypnotized.

This day has left me cold.

This dreadful day

has strayed from home.

Yet, we aren't asking for this hope.

Let's wander off into the mistic

and elope.

Ushers pile in.

Beneath the whirlpool spin .

As we say our final vows.

Something deep inside

begins to growl.

Wrap me up in always.

Drag me down in never.

My rage has caught a fever.

I never was that clever.

Slicked back drenched hair.

Shoes shined up so bright.

I've torn out my heart.

But I still survive.

The seasons become radical.

The strength of love is magical.

I feel the weight of paranormal pull.

Out of earth is a broken rule.

Looking down at what we can see.

Water of the seas

connect the world to me.

And with this oath

I carry you .

And with my pain

I curse you through.

And with a flash of this arrest .

A body's aching for some rest.

The rule is broken.

Cast the pearls aside.

Find your diamond in the tide.

If it's love that you want.

Why go on to deny ?

The portals migrate under

the blistered skin.

Where we feel us come alive.

Toss love within a spin.

After all we've been through.

My dreams are still hollow.

My heart has left me lonely.

And I'm too weak to follow ...


Memories .

The only goodness.

Left within my mind.

With this promise

I slaughter sorrow.

I refuse to love you again.

Until tomorrow.

I take the blows from this attack.

And soak in the view.

Of the sunset behind your back.

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