Through the Wardrobe

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The speech I did at my High School Graduation June 24th 2017, Posting because my dad says I should share my writing

Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



C.S Lewis was a fiction author best known for his Chronicles of Narnia series, stories about a world completely different from our own. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is one such story. The young protagonists spend a lifetime in the world of Narnia and return to Earth as completely different people. Physically, they’re still children, but mentally they’ve matured and changed beyond comparison. In an interview, the author once observed, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when we look back, everything is different?” That’s what time does. We don’t feel any different day by day, but looking back, we sometimes don’t recognize the people we were before. My life, like many, has been rife with events that at the time didn’t seem significant, but in retrospect, they started a ripple that altered the entire course of my journey.


In elementary and middle school, I was a student who coasted through classes and put minimal effort into my work, creating a soul draining repetitive void of pointless-ness. City High, in contrast, was a completely new experience. It was like I had stepped through a door into a new world. The work was difficult, and the teachers demanded so much more from us than I was used to. I wasn't at the top of the class, I didn’t feel like school was a waste of my time, and I realized I couldn’t get by acting like a bored know it all. I had to spend hours at home on difficult classes like Cult Lit and Calculus, and I couldn’t slide by doing the bare minimum, in electives like art. I also challenged myself to start getting more involved in different activities. Before City High, I would never have volunteered my time unless I got something out of it. But I joined the Robotics and tech teams, and I even volunteered to set up the school’s 3D printer. I learned that in order to grow, I needed to apply myself and push myself beyond what I saw as my limits.


The entire class of 2017 has changed since that first day in September 2013. Change is a good thing, because it is how we grow. We learn from our past, adjusting our actions based on our experiences. Everyone in this graduating class had to adjust to the mountains of work, and we had to adjust to the variety of people in this school. All of these changes prove that we are ready to advance in life.


It’s time for the class of 2017 to close this chapter of their story and start the next one, whatever that may be. Like the protagonists of The Chronicles of Narnia, every student here has thrived. We’ve discovered paths unique to each of us, and now we must take the next step, through the wardrobe door, and write our own personal tales. One day we’ll be able to reflect and see how much we’ve changed, because as C.S. Lewis stated, day by day we may be the same but looking back, that’s when we’ll really see how far we’ve come. We’ll see the story we’ve started writing. Let’s have the class of 2017 write a great one. 

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