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Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017




The hard plain walls are covered with sapphire blue silk acting as the sky with bright silver sparkles for the glittering night stars, and with soft cool midst covering. The white soft floor for the clouds they play in, enhancing the mood for the magic nights.

Enhancing melodies of the nature's forest, enlightens the quietness  that stalks her voice of emptiness. The man in the charcoal suit, down on his bending knee, gazes with his deep brown eyes, into the heaven's of the stunning crystal blue eyes, with a hint of future staring out. And red curls, surrounding them; matching her full lips of solitude.

A secret smile of his begin, with him symbol of love made of diamonds and silver in his broken sands of serenity. Listening from his eager ear he awaits her answer.

Will u Marry me?

Flickering of the candle light glows bright, causing a sparkle in her eyes. Soft aromas causing memories flow threw air like a current in the river.


Sweeten taste of rich, ripen strawberries lingers on the lip of her tongue, and the salty taste of her lips, stands still in the eyes waiting for an inspiriting answer.

Tree log crackle, and the urging fire blazes higher than before as if waiting the hear her answer. Warmth connects between the two, at joining hand in hand. One fan makes its rounds a the night's breeze, wishing it could play like this role 'til the end of time.

A soft kitten of fluffy white hair(fur), and a wet little pink nose, and a little blue ribbon around its neck, gracefully peeks out of its hiding spot, in a wicker basket, purring, awaiting her surprise entrance.

Cool water slowly flows off(out of the)  faucets, and light gone dim, making the scene more relaxing, flow their one night of slow intriguing passion. A table set of endless fresh, ripe fruits, for their endless tantalizing desires.



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