Are Men and Women Equal?

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Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



Are Men and Women Equal?

So the issue of men and women equality is pretty much debatable. Is it right? Is it wrong? Or is it just something else? Nobody can really answer that question since we all have different opinions and different backgrounds. Probably cultures and traditions play a very important rule because countries represent men and women differently. Millions of articles about gender equality have been written. I remember the first time me and my best friend talked about this, I always trust her opinions because she reads all of the geeky stuff you can possibly think of. She told me that we aren’t equal we are simply different. Her words still echo in my head so I decided to do a little research and talk to a few strangers on the whisper app to help me write this article.

About 2 years ago I was sitting with a group of strangers at some kind of a conversation club and I was leading the thing, one woman opened the subject of men and women equality I tried to tell her that we are different and justice has never meant equality. I have to admit that she drove crazy and I should have never gave in to the anger but I couldn’t stand the fact that she believed that women and men are absolutely the same to the point that men can actually get pregnant. Lucky me, a couple of days before this conversation I had read about that. Now I don’t think that’s okay, yes you are free to think or do whatever you want but so am I, and I don’t think we should change our nature to that point.

So this article that was in favor of gender equality wrote about sexual assault and domestic violence. Now I don’t see how equality here can help with two of the most horrifying experience a woman can encounter, probably if we were to raise boys to this they won’t feel superior? But I honestly don’t think that is the reason or the solution. In a lot if not most countries women are forced not to speak about their sexual assault experience because that would bring her and her family SHAME! When in fact the person who committed that crime is the one who should be ashamed but years and decades if not centuries of the idea that a woman who was sexually assaulted should speak no words of what happened to her and ask for her justice because that brings shame cannot change overnight that needs education and awareness. But not all woman stays silent right? Yeah some speaks and ask for justice gets little to none remember the Stanford rapist? He got sentenced to only 6 months! I guess we need a lot more than gender equality to fix that. The same goes for domestic violence, although experts cannot determine the causes in specific points it’s mostly because most domestic abusers grew up witnessing domestic abuse and violence in their own homes. So again education and awareness play a very important role add to that children should be separated from abusive parents or family members in order for that to be easier we should provide a way for the abused children to reach authorities safely without the abusive member knowing.

Now maybe my solutions are naïve I have to admit it, but if supporting gender equality means justice while understanding the difference then hell yeah I want to have the job opportunities and eliminate the pay gap. But if gender equality means that men are going to get pregnant and breastfeed because why should only women bother with that? Then no thank you. Now I might be wrong but I also might be right just leave your comment below with your opinion I would really appreciate that because it helps me to stay open to changing mine


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