Greenhouse Sedative

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Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017



Light burned pale

on a sill of oak.

Sifted soil used to grow the hope .

It's harvest time.

Sunburnt hands

peel like a ripened fruit.

Distant rain drowns an easy bruise.

Across a land of youth.

A face is new.

Blistered eyes reveal the truth .

Indian summer

under a red blood moon.

We love like a secret

until the roses bloom.

A thousand acres

covered in seeds.

The children sing folklore.

To the lives of green.

The glow of voices

carry on the wind.

Calling out my name

like a long lost friend.

A family fued has love forbidden.

So we tangle with fire

and our secrets stay hidden.

As worthless as scum.

Never grown to accept love.

Your father widdles in madness .

He empties a bottle of rum.

There's something strange

in a neon sky.

A greenhouse of fountains.

Freezes slipping time.

Stone by brick.

Built strong to with stand the sick minds.

We pray to those passed on.

Showing pride to a treason.

soaked in red wine.

I need you to ease the pain.

We built this foundation .

A house of shame.

Where injured emotions

only escape to grow.

As a power of darkness

one mile per row.

Two sides hold raging prejudice.

We block out the denial

our bodies are sedatives.

Twirled and twined

like ivy vines.

Streaming around the fences

that shifted new time.

The man in the moon

always knew.

The love would never end .

As we run off into nowhere

and travel on the wind.

Star child

from a blood line

meek and mild.

War child from

a family scorned and wild.

You can't fence fate.

and you can't stop love .

The brothers roar their fury

searching for vengeance

with guns.

Every orphan has a destiny .

A yearn for love

that one soul just can't out run.

From dust we were born

and to dust we shall return.

As the steel of the pale

burns from the greenhouse sun.

A story with a twist.

Holds a page that can't be turned.

Eternity of passion

is a price of weather .

As thunder crashes

and lightning strikes.

They will always be together.

A familiar tear is dried

by a gentle touch.

As they pluck what they had growing

right out of the ground of crud.

As the posse evades the home

in a moon still shining bright.

Nothing was found

in a lapse of sinful crime .

As they stumble

in a field of roses.

They find two souls intertwined .

Mystery of love

is a pain that always knew.

The farm land

of an orchard fidelity.

That two lives...


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