Unfinished Tales

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here are some short story excerpts i have written but haven't yet figured out how i should continue the stories from here. Each excerpts are separated from the next by marks like these ************** Any suggestions on which direction i should continue these writing segments on are appreciated. Do feel free to post your suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!

The merchant left his house. I followed, keeping my head low against the drizzle that misted over the town. His steps were hurried, switching from alleys to alleys, leaving the more civilized housing behind. I know where he is heading to.

Suddenly, he stopped in track and whipped his gaze around. I slinked into a dark alley like a patch of shadow. Crouching, listening. Waiting until his footsteps receded into the distance.

Once the sound is faint enough, I went back to resume it. To resume the hunt.


He enter into a murky alley, where only the shadiest of street scums prowled. This is it. The perfect spot. The perfect chance.

I caught him. I see nothing but red as I pinned the man to the blackened wall of the alley. I brought out the burning orb of incense and stuffed it just under his nose.

I partially released my grip on the man. He ran. I hollered, my voice echoing in the darkness of the deserted alley,

“Did you kill her? That little girl?” I leaped after him, blood roaring within my ears. Red, red everywhere around me. All I see was red, and the target before me.

“Did you see her now?” I caught up and slashed at the man’s hamstring. It was a minor cut, but he fell down screaming, paralyzed.

Stepping toward the pathetic, writhing animal of a man, I roughly yanked him up by the hair.

The man’s eyes were glazed, rolling up and down in horror, staring fixedly ahead at something that I cannot see.

“Burn this into your mind. It’s going to be your last dream. Your darkest nightmare.”

I placed the blade across his neck, then slit the man’s throat. I felt his flesh parted beneath the blade, felt the metallic knife severe the two carotid arteries and his windpipe. Warm red blood gushed down to bath my hand, and I stare into the man’s eyes, frozen in terrifying agony as he died.

I rammed the blade into him. I rammed it into him, over and over again, feeling the gore and blood splatter upon me, feeling the flesh split and spilled out its contents, the warm fluid of all life. It was not my normal routine, but some monsters were worse than the others. He was still recognizable though. He must be recognizable, for all the others to know. For them all to know what is it to be truly afraid…  




The downpour pelted heavily against the shingle rooftop, clattering incessantly against the clay tiles overhead.

I closed my eyes, and listened…


Light. A womans?

Hurried. Very much of a hurry.

It must be a matter of import, for her to come straight through such a downpour, rather than waiting it out.


“Jan,” I called out to my assistant, who was still slumped against a table, drooling from the corner of his mouth. “Prepare yourself. Someone’s coming for us.”

As the man sat upright, the cabin’s door crashed inward with a violent whoosh.

“Officer!” A dark haired woman, drenched through and through from the rain, emerged from the misty veils of the storm. “You must find my son. He had gone missing. Please!”

The hopelessness in her gaze reminded me of something from so long ago. A past so long ago, I have almost forgotten…


Dear diary,


I bought Helena some milk today. She like it, I can see it in her eyes. I like it when she giggles with joy, like the little girl she is. As mommy says, a brothers job is to take care of his sister, isnt it?

Mommy. I hope she came home soon.

Im scared… 



“Calm down, can you tell us again what had happened?” I gently allowed the woman to fall onto the stool before my table.

“My son. Officer, he had gone missing.” The woman choked her words out between sobs. She was pretty, with dark hair, and true blue eyes. Droplets of tears trickled down her face ceaselessly.

“He said he was going out to play with his friends. Then just like that, he was gone.” She gazed down at her hands, talking on as if my assistant and I hadn’t been standing there right next to her.

“I notice he was gone when I called him to dinner and he didn’t show up. I went out searching for him in the woods nearby, but he was gone.” At last, she looked up from her hands,

“It’s been three days now, officer. Please. Find him!” Her eyes were pleading, a pit of desperation that seemed to span endlessly. “I shouldn’t have let him go… I shouldn’t have…” She whimpered, and went back to sobbing again.


“Have you notified the local officers about this?” I glanced at Jan, who quickly took out his notepad and have his pen out, reader to take down any important information.

“There had been an incident, officer. Years ago, even before I came to live in the town.” The woman crudely brushed away the tears by the back of her hand,

“Since the local officer during then had passed away, no one had come to replace him. The locals too, are accustomed to living on their own and resent the control of authority figures. There’s no one there that could offer me aid, nor are they interested to.”


After a moment of silence that seemed to span an eternity, I spoke up, “We’ll help find your son, madam.” Signaling to Jan to pack up his things and get ready, I turned back to her, “Now would you mind leading us to this town of yours?”


Dear diary,

Dad came home drunk again today I cried, hugging Helena as we hid in the closet, like what Mom had us do before he came in.

I heard him stomping around, shouting for more liquor. He hit mom again, and I heard the screams.

I hugged Helena to my chest and we cried. I wanted to be stronger.

Im so scared


 It was a rather small and shanty town, located some distance away from the nearest civilization.

“This place gives me the creeps.” Jan whispered as he unslung his bow, his nimble fingers nocking a steel-tipped arrow on the string.

“Lower your arms, Jan. We doesn’t want to antagonize the town’s denizens before we got to properly talk to them.” However, despite those words, I felt my hand going to the pommel of the sword myself.

They thread slowly over the dirt road cutting across the small town. Shacks and little cottages bordered the main route, but only an eerie stillness greeted them back.

“Where is everyone?” Jan glanced around nervously, his eyes darting to and fro.

“At this time, they are probably in the central church having a morning mass,” The woman added hastily, “It’s probably best that we arrive at this time. I don’t want to imagine what will happen should we run into them.”

Glancing at Jan, both of us nodded nervously.


Dear diary




I ducked down as a throwing knife flashed past and broke open the skin of my cheek. I flipped, putting all remaining strength into my throwing arm, releasing a blade at the moving shadows.

A shriek blared in my battle-weary ears. I leaped forward, breathing in exertion, feet clattering against the clay tiles beneath.

The central tower. It was the only hope. The Key is there.

The storm howled against my ears. Lighting crackled overhead, booming like the roar of an angry god. I gritted my teeth as my feet flew over the tiles, slick from the ever stronger downpour.

A shadow leapt, and I rolled as a blade came slamming in the spot where I once stood. Ripping out a knife, I slammed the blade into his ribcage, yanking it out before he even fell onto the roof, then down to the ground far below.

I must make it.

I gritted my teeth as the knife wound in my stomach reopened, the bandages stained a bright crimson.

I cannot. I will not let the world fall.

An assassin shot a chained crossbow arrow from across the roof on the opposite side. I leaped, then sprinted over the chains, coming face to face with the assaulter. Roaring, I plunged the knife into his eye socket, then use his body as a base to lunge at his comrade nearby. The brute cursed in shock, both of us grunting as we rolled down the roof in tangle of blades and limbs, hacking and slashing at the other.


I will not die until I had it! I roared, grappling with the giant as we fall freely down to the dirt road below. The giant seized my skull with a humongous pair of hands, trying to crush my eyes to a pulp. I slammed a bloody fist into its mouth, letting loose a mouthful of teeth and snapping its jaws bones...

Submitted: August 14, 2017

© Copyright 2021 S. K. Inkslinger. All rights reserved.

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A.L. Martin

Really cool! I look forward to what comes next

Wed, August 16th, 2017 6:01pm


Thank you, for the feedback, A. L. Martin! I'm currently scouring through my head for ideas which utilize these scenes. If there is any, you will surely see it in my future works. :)

Wed, August 16th, 2017 9:32pm

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