The Last Kill

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of how Noel DeVitto was killed.

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017




Noel DeVitto walked over to the expensive glass window and looked down at the beautiful city of New York. He looked at the cup of tea in his hands and flung it against the wall. What the hell have I done?, he thought. What was I thinking? He put his fist through the glass pane and saw when he retracted it that his knucked were bloody red.

At that moment, he heard a noise: the sound of the floorboard creaking. He spun around immediately, seeing the silhouette of a tall woman. That silhouette moved forward, in lightning speed, all out of the blue. Suki Toyoko, he thought. She must have come to kill me.

 I held up my hands. "I didn't mean to kill your husband, I swear!" I stepped backwards and bumped into a wall. "He just came out of nowhere!"

Suki laughed; her laugh sounded high and bitter. She took out a Remington 870, aiming at his skull. She narrowed her eyes.

"No one means to do anything. They just do it. Thye do it out of fun, of..of... of entertaining themselves. Well, guess what? I'm gonna entertain myself, by killing you right now."

Suki grabbed the man by his shirt, and shoved him aside to the ground. She's strong, he thought, and Suki knows it. She laughed. Again, that high-pitched bitter giggle. She walked up to him and put her black stiletto heel into his chest. The heel dug deep into his chest and he let out a horrible choking sound. She took out the shotgun.

  "Any last words, DeVitto?"

  "I...hate..", was all he managed to utter out beforethe woman pulled on the trigger and sent eight bullets flying straight into his skull and chest. He gurgled on scarlet blood before a lifeless shadow cast over his eyes.

Suki gave the man's corpse one last kick and shashayed out of the room, smirking.

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