A Shop of Meat, the Tale of a Prostitute

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The poem describes a noble woman and narrates her story how she becomes a whore. The shop of meat stands for the profession of prostitution she adopts unwillingly. Where the 'File' stands for the Book of record that Angles keep, of human sins and virtues.

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



“A Shop of Meat, the Tale of a Prostitute”


There was a woman,

Pious and concerned no one.


I describe her in two words:

Obedient and obeyed orders.


She had a husband right in her heart

Who loved her in the start,


Because he was going to dwell under the earth

On his 7th child's birth.


Alone did she weep: had no kin.

To disturb the neighbors, there was no din.


I saw in her eyes, no tear,

They had been dried due to fear.


Little were the children, of quick succession

Who had shown their submission.


Poor was the family and Dry.

The POOR must not die!!!


No one had come to lift the coffin;

Toddlers were eating a rotten piece of muffin.


The dead was looking not to smile,

As if the angel had opened the File.


Two men entered whom she didn't know.

God sent the angels, perhaps no.


They lifted the coffin, looking at her.

She could not ask who they were.


She began following them followed by her children,

She was walking: children had to run.


They began digging a pathetic grave,

No one could dare him save;


She remained lying on the swelled part of the ground,

Dreadful was the scene and stinking was the mound.


Lone was she, the men had gone;

Silent were they, they ought to groan.


Embracing with the grave, she got her senses,

When she realized, could not break the Fences.


The infant of a day then cried

As he came to know, his father had died.


Picking him up, tighting with her breast,

He sucked the whole which was in the rest.


Circling her mother, they asked the food;

Lioness had to prey, had no dude.


She came out, crossing the staircase:

Outcome of the destruction, she had to face.


She confronted in the street with a shameless Eye

Who required Meat, wearing a suitable tie.


She refused the offer for a while--

Out of hunger, cried the smallest one meanwhile.


With the duties of a mother, she had to meet;

At last, she founded a Shop of Meat.














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