Seraphim: The Armaggedon files. Part 5; Megiddo.

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The conclusion of the Armageddon files. Shani Tarath and her angelic brethren battle the Demon Lord, Abaddon.

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



Part 5; Megiddo.


The night air was still and comfortably warm. The cloudless sky let the light of the full moon shine down draping the surrounding hills in its silver light.

Upon a distant hill the stone remains of a fortress stood, silhouetted against the blue black of the night sky.

The chirping of crickets played a lazy symphony lending their sound to the rustling grass and creaking of branches from some near-by trees. All was right with the world, peaceful and serene.

Then suddenly all went deathly silent.

A silver spark ignited in mid air then instantly expanded into a swirling luminescent cloud.

A figure stepped from the cloud, She was dressed in a splendid suit of armour emblazoned with leopard motifs and splashes of leopard skin. She looked magnificent and ferocious at the same time. An Amazonian warrior with burnished skin and six angelic wings spread wide.

Peter Adams next appeared next to the Seraphim from the portal just before it blinked out of existence.

Jumping to one side in a cat-like motion, the Seraphim brought her round shield up as if protecting herself from him.

With a startled look, Peter took a step back from her.

‘Whooaa... What’s wrong, Seraphim?’ Peter blurted out as he ducked and spun around as if expecting to see some horror from the pits of hell standing behind him, but all that greeted his wide eyed startled look was the moonlit serene landscape.

‘Sorry! Shani said relaxing and dropping her shield back to her side. ‘I was just expecting you to throw up again as you usually do when we traverse the portal.’

‘Oh, really!’ Peter twisted his face disapprovingly. ‘Thanks’ for the confidence boost, sorry to disappoint you. But like I said earlier, I think I’m getting used to it now.’

Shani shrugged her shoulders, ‘Sorry!’ she apologised.

Peter just shook his head in silence, then took in his surroundings paying particular attention to the dark ruins up ahead on the hill.

‘So where are we?’

‘Megiddo. This is where we will make our stand against Abaddon.’ Shani replied.

‘Right, great!’ Peter replied feeling pangs of foreboding doom creeping into his stomach, making it churn like a choppy sea in a storm, perhaps he was going to be sick after all, he thought. Taking a deep breath, Peter tried to compose himself for the task ahead.

‘Ok! So what’s’ the plan here? How do we kill this, Abaddon?’ Peter asked.

‘We aren’t going to kill him. We can only trap and imprison him back into the Tetragrammaton, but we will need help to do that. When I draw his sword we will only have moments before he is drawn to its call.’

Resting her hands affectionately on Peter’s shoulders, Shani warned, ‘Peter, listen closely to me. When it begins stay behind us. Do not attempt to engage the enemy, you are neither trained nor equipped to battle what is about to happen. Stay safe and out of reach of any Shedim. Do you understand?’

Peter felt the seriousness in the Seraphim’s words and felt a strange comforting feeling in her genuine concern for his welfare. Nodding his head he took her hands in his and squeezed them reassuringly.

‘You have my word, Seraphim.’ Then smiling Peter quipped, ‘Let’s do this and go home.’

The Seraphim’s smile was so bright and warming it was enough to make a grown man weep tears of absolute joy as her loving aura filled the air with its positivity.

Peter felt a shiver run down his spine as his emotions were fuelled to bursting point. He felt as though he could take on the world and conquer it, there was nothing he feared for she was with him, his armour and shield against the darkest terrors of creation. She was the flame of hope and love and valour and righteousness. She was the Seraphim, His Seraphim, His Shani Tarath; The epitome of love and light and his saviour. Peter bowed his head and wiped away a tear that escaped his eyes as it trickled down his cheek.

Holding out her hands, Shani invoked the Demon sword to appear. There was a crackle of purple lightning between her finger tips as the sword materialised and solidified. Shani gripped the Demon blade and unsheathed it. The Evil blade gave off an ear piercing ring as it was released from the constraints of its scabbard.  The black metal blade seemed to resonate and hum a deep hollow melodious dirge charging the air with despair and doom. Peter felt its weight hit him like a winter chill seeking out his soul and trying to feed on it, and chilling him to the bone.

Peter knew if it weren’t for the presence of the Seraphim the sword would have destroyed his resolve in a heartbeat and have him on his knees, reduced to nothing more than a cowering lump before it.

Armageddon the doom sword, destroyer of light and devourer of hope called to its master.

Hidden deep within the earth in a long forgotten necropolis, Abaddon the Demon Lord sat on a throne of human bones he had constructed for himself. Well he had to find something to do with his spare time as he had waited for this inevitable time to happen. All around him the shadows of the pit crawled and slithered around their master, ghosts, phantoms, apparitions, call them what you will, they were the spawn of evil they were the blight of mankind. Their only purpose was to spread fear and terror and feed upon innocence and serve their infernal Master. They had no other purpose to their existence. Like a nest of ants they would bring back the souls they had devoured to their master who would feed upon them, sucking their sweet essence from them.

Suddenly a tremor ran throughout the necropolis shaking its very foundations. As one the myriad of shedim froze, cocked their heads and listened, then in unison they joined in with the sound lending their own cacophonous shrieking to it.

Abaddon stood up, his inky black form filling the cavern with its malevolence.  His six slanted eyes opened illuminating the darkness with their infernal fire which burned inside of him. His mouth split open in a cruel grimacing smile as a rumbling growl escaped his twisted mouth.

A laugh like the screaming voices of a thousand souls being flayed alive echoed around the chamber as Abaddon’s hulking black form shimmered and blurred then dissolved into a massive swarm of jet black locusts, The buzzing noise of their beating wings was deafening as the insect swarm flowed upwards and out of its underground sanctuary into the night air, and headed toward the ruins of Megiddo and the call of its Demon sword.


Shani Tarath held the Demon sword above her head. Its dark essence pulsed in the night air filling it with a resounding feeling of dread.

‘uurrgg! That thing makes me feel... dirty.... unclean. I could do with a good bath to clean its taint off me.’ Peter twisted his face as his eyes were drawn like magnets to the infernal blade.

‘I know! Its evil is dripping from it like venom. My wings feel like they’ve been dipped in oil.’ Shani protested. Then swinging the blade around she drove its blade into the ground and let go of it, then wiped her hand on her skirt as if trying to remove its dirty essence.

There was a rumble in the sky. Peter tore his eyes away from the blade and looked up. The stars normally stationary and twinkling with their silver light were moving and blazing a radiant orange as they grew bigger and bigger as they plummeted toward them.

Peter stared with wide eyes and open mouthed as the flaming spheres feel from the heavens and hit the ground all around the Seraphim, and from the burning embers of their impact stepped an Angelic form; Angels with flaming weapons and gleaming shields in hand.

Peter recognised, Samael and Azazel who nodded to him. Peter counted twenty four Angels in all. Standing before Shani they all took a knee and bowed their heads to her.

From the east it came a black swirling buzzing swarm. Shani drew her sword.

‘Shields around me!’ She shouted.

As one, the Angels formed a defensive ring around, Shani. Gripping their weapons and interlocking their shields together, their eyes blazed with raging divine fire in them as they watched the locust cloud sped toward them.

Holding the shield of faith above her head, Shani invoked its divine power. A ripple of air emanated from the shield and encompassed the circle of shields. Just in time as the black swarming cloud of locusts struck them. Their sound was deafening like a thousand hammers hitting a bell all at once.

Peter clamped his hands over his ears as his head began to swim from the cacophony of the locust onslaught threatening to drive him mad.

Summoning all of her energy, Shani let out a piercing cry from the effort of holding the shield up. Her body began to glow as pulses of light ran through her, gathering into the shield which in turn began to glow like the sun, then there was a sudden roar as if some great cat had entered the fray which echoed throughout the valley as the light exploded.

The mass of locusts dropped like stones littering the ground with their black unclean bodies.

All fell silent on the hill of Megiddo as Shani fell to her knees. Peter ran over to her and helped her to her feet.

‘My Lady, are you all right?

 With a smile the Seraphim nodded.

Suddenly the ground beneath their feet began to tremble. The locusts which had lain stunned by the heavenly light now burrowed into the earth churning up the dirt like moles digging for a fat worm to feast upon. Only they burrowed for a more deadly and sinister feast to satiate their infernal hunger, for the black sword which called to them in its haunting malevolent tone.

Shani took a deep breath, ‘Hold fast, my brothers.’

From their ancient graves they crawled, clawing their way to the surface hundreds of them, skeletal warriors who had fallen at the battle of Megiddo in 1150BCE by the armies of King Solomon.

Within the dried husk of each of the bodies a black locust resided bringing not life, but animation to the terrible shambling remains.

With every stumble and step forward the deathly shambling army of the dead came closer to the angelic shieldwall. With a sudden wail of despair at being disturbed from their deathly sleep they surged forward, unable to control their own remains as they were spurred on by the demon locusts that resided inside of them.

There was a clatter of weapons striking shields and the hissing of divine flaming swords cutting through dry rotted corpses. A smell the like of which peter had never experienced filled the air. It was fetid, deathly and gagging. It was the culmination of the corpses and their burning bodies as flaming swords set them ablaze.

Yet they still came.

Shani danced around the circle bolstering areas which were weakened from the onslaught, shouting out her orders in Enochian. Her army of Angels moved as one sliding into place as their weapons danced before them, blocking, stabbing slicing and piercing. Yet the undead still surged forward crushing themselves against the shield-wall.

‘Delfash shen-ach!’ The Seraphim’s command sounded above the din of battle.

The Shield-wall broke apart as the angels formed into small groups of threes guarding one another’s backs as they fought their way into the mass of undead, hacking slashing, shield bashing and bringing death to their un-godly opponents.

Peter had never seen such carnage and horror in his lifetime. The noise of battle rang in his ears terrifying him as he watched helpless as an angel was struck down by a spear thrust. As the angel fell to his knees, the undead filth thrust its broken rusted sword into his throat. Angelic blood spurted from the wound, hot and glowing like lava from an erupting volcano and its purifying touch melted the undead creature before it as it was drenched in the spurting torrent.

Standing safely behind, Shani as she kept an eye on the battle, Peter felt helpless and ashamed that he stood doing nothing to help, but what could he do against these horrors?

Suddenly Shani’s body seemed to blur and shimmer and within the blink of an eye she vanished to reappear 30 yards away just in time to drive her glowing blue blade through an enemy about to strike down one of her brethren. Then she did it again and again, everywhere that Peter looked, Shani was blinking in and out of sight, striking blocking and helping her kind in the battle, yet this still seemed not enough, the numbers were just too many, crushing them and striking from every angle. Slowly more angels fell to the undead army of Abaddon, they were losing the battle.


Then from the shadows they slinked and oozed, the Shedim, Abaddon’s demonic army dozens of them all abominations.

Peter had seen their like before, yet they still sent shivers down his spine and repulsed him as they quivered and pulsated and twitched in their grotesque forms. Some had eyes, some had tentacle feelers, others walked like men and others slithered like slugs. Some even looked as though they had their bodily organs on the outside beating hearts inflating bladders and spurting arteries.

Peter knew that no matter how heroically Shani and her brethren fought the numbers were stacked against them. There was no victory over the darkness that was waiting to overwhelm them this night.


Suddenly the dark skies lit up as a lightning storm danced across the heavens. A bolt of crackling lightning came streaking down and where it hit the earth there was an explosion like a mortar shell going off throwing up chunks of soil.

Peter fell to his knees throwing his hands over his ears. Suddenly hands were gripping him. Peter let out a terrified cry, until he realised it was the Seraphim helping him up.

Looking to where the lightning bolt had hit, Peter stared in disbelief as his mouth fell open.

‘Oh-my-god!’ he spluttered. ‘Who is that?’ Peter pointed at the being standing only feet away from him with blue lightning streaking across its body.

‘The champion of the heavens, it is the Lord Gabriel.’ Shani replied.

He was a giant by anybody’s standards eight foot of hulking muscle wrapped in shining armour and chain skirt. Gabriel’s face was covered by a masked helmet with a crown of golden thorns around his head with silver cheek pieces ending in ivory tusks. Hanging from his belt was a large twisted ram’s horn with a silver mouthpiece.

In his right hand he gripped a saw toothed scimitar its cutting edge gleamed keen and sharp and deadly. In his left hand he hefted a double headed hammer its heads designed like clenched fists.

Peter actually managed a smile at that, thinking of the punch they could administer in this behemoth’s hands.

The Seraphim appeared next to Gabriel, she nodded as though receiving instruction yet there was no oral communication between the two angelic figures.

‘Dalfesh veprisre,’ Shani shouted the order to her angelic host, immediately they fell back and formed a diamond formation of groups of four behind Gabriel.

As the Shedim and undead surged forward for the attack. Gabriel reached for the ram’s horn and put it to his lips and blew.

Peter’s whole body began to vibrate alarmingly as the resonant sound wave from the horn sped across the battlefield.

Peter imagined if it were possible to hear a sun going super nova then it would probably have sounded like this deep bottomless booming wave.

The sound wave hit the undead creatures vaporising them instantly, their ashes scattering to the four winds.

The first row of Shedim hit by the wave just exploded, others further away split open spilling their foul contents over the ground.

What was left still came on regardless, for they knew no fear, they were fuelled by the voice of Abaddon in their maggot infested brains.


Throwing his head back, Gabriel let out shrill battle-cry and unfurled his huge chestnut brown eagle-like wings.

Peter was awe struck by their majesty, that and because the tips of every feather were sheathed in gleaming silver blades.

Peter just watched dumbfounded as Gabriel leaped into a horde of demonic creatures and obliterated them with crushing hammer blows, and eviscerated others with his wing blades and scimitar.

The Shedim now turned their full attention toward Gabriel the new threat as he began to devastate their numbers with his ceaseless onslaught.

Peter felt a rumbling beneath his feet.  Looking around he noticed an indentation appear in the earth behind the black sword, then bursting from the earth a maggot-like demon with flailing tentacles emerged pushing its bulbous head free of the ground and extended its tentacles toward the sword wrapping them around the hilt.

 Peter felt his stomach churn at the sight of the disgusting creature. Swallowing hard he gritted his teeth and ran over to where an undead warrior had been dispatched. Picking up its rusted spear he held it in a tight grip and attacked; he was not going to let this abomination take the sword as it oozed toward it.

Holding the spear in trembling hands, Peter jabbed at the bloated creature rupturing its hide, gagging from the stench of the green ichor that oozed from its wounds. The maggot demon lashed out with a barbed tentacle whipping Peter’s legs away from him, He crashed to the ground winded.

With another tug, the demon had pulled the sword free and began to drag it towards its tunnel.

 Peter let out a cry of defiance as he scrambled to his feet and rammed the spear into its funnel-like mouth. The creature quivered and fell still leaking filth from its fatal wounds. With trembling hands, Peter jabbed at the carcass one last time, ‘Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!’ he shouted in hysterical elation.


Abaddon had seen enough, it was time to end this and claim back his sword.

There was a strange refraction of the silver moonlight on the battlefield as if some invisible hand had taken the very light of the moon and crunched it up like a piece of paper into a tiny ball, then suddenly the ball of trapped moonlight exploded leaving a terrible black spot which hurt Peter’s eyes as he tried to look away from it but could not, it was so magnetic and alluring drawing his attention to it.

Suddenly, Peter began to make out a shape in the blackness; it chilled him to the bone and scared the wits from him.

 It was difficult to make out the Arch demon’s real form for its image seemed to blur at the edges as its mass acted like a black hole devouring all light around it. The only real discernible thing about this desecration of life was its six slanted eyes that burned into the onlooker’s soul filling it with fear and dread.

Gabriel flapped his great wings and leaped into the air then landed within striking distance of Abaddon.

The demon lord lunged forward and kicked Gabriel in the chest sending the champion of the heavens sprawling across the ground.

Shani and her angel force spread out across the battlefield slowly encircling the two battling Lords as they savagely fought one another.

Demon claws raked angelic flesh as blades and hammers took their toll on demon hide.

Gabriel side stepped a claw attack and lunged under Abaddon’s talons for a killing sword thrust.

 Abaddon just blinked out of existence and reappeared behind Gabriel. Grabbing the Arch angel’s wings in his demon grip, Abaddon wedged a foot into Gabriel’s back and pulled viciously.

There was an audible cracking and ripping sound that turned Peter’s stomach. Turning to Shani and her force, which just stood unmoving, Peter shouted out in frustration, ‘Help him! For god’s sake don’t just stand there watching, do something!’

Yet Shani and the other angels stood their ground unmoving. Peter could not fathom it. Gripping his spear he let out a cry as he threw it as hard as he could at Abaddon’s back.

The spear hit home, but just bounced off the demon as though it had hit a brick wall.

Gabriel had fallen to one knee his arms were spread wide, several of his wing blades had fallen to the ground. Peter’s eyes fell to the dark sword, Armageddon, his hand reached out for it. Dark purple vapours oozed from the hilt reaching toward him.  As they were about to touch him, Abaddon whipped his head around his red eyes turning to Peter. With one last effort he snapped Gabriel’s wings kicking the Arch Angel forward where he lay face down in the dirt.

There was nothing now standing in his way between his sword and victory. Abaddon swept forward and with a side swipe sent Peter sprawling through the air where he crashed against a tree with a thud and lay silent.

The purple vapours swirled toward Abaddon’s outstretched hand causing his finger to tingle as they caressed their master’s unholy flesh for the first time in eons.

Abaddon felt euphoric as his fingers closed around the hilt.

Behind the demon lord, Gabriel had staggered to his feet; his broken wings hung limp and twitching on his back. He swept a glance around the battlefield. His brethren had stood their ground and were now in position. Gabriel raised his weapons skyward.

There was a flash of blue that danced across the ceiling of the world. Then a lightning bolt erupted from overhead, it engulfed the arch angel in its crackling power. Gabriel’s broken wings twitched back into life, then pointing his sword toward Shani a streak of lightning bolted toward her.

Holding her shield up she deflected it toward one of her brethren who in turn cast it to another angel.

Abaddon ripped his sword from the ground and spun around, His burning eyes fuelled by rage realised he was standing in the middle of a lightning barrier, a hermetic seal which the angels had drawn around him, trapping him.

The seal of Solomon pulsed with lightning, Abaddon raised his sword and roared as dark energy poured from the infernal blade, and where it touched the heavenly lightning it fizzed and crackled like two serpents warring against each other.

The ground trembled the earth began to split with the force of the power struggle. Gabriel lowered his hammer at Abaddon, a bolt of lightning struck him in the chest and crawled over his black body like a living thing encircling his neck and wrists and feet.

The Demon Lord struggled and swung his sword at the lightning chains sending sparks flying, but he could not break his heavenly bonds.

The lightning chains grew tighter and tighter slowly pulling the demon’s limbs down, Abaddon fell to his knees as more lightning streaks began to surround him forming a cube, trapping him inside of it. Then the wind blew like a voice blowing through the trees, deep and resonant. ‘Y......A........H......W......A.....H....’ The spell was complete the Tetragrammaton box with its demonic prisoner disappeared. The lightning ceased the wind died away and the hill of Megiddo once more was quiet and serene.

Peter crawled to his knees and groaned in pain. Shani appeared by his side and held out a supporting hand as he pulled himself up to his feet.

‘Did we win?’ Peter managed to groan.

‘Yes, we won,’ Shani replied actually smiling.

‘You really need to do that more often, you know!’

‘Do what?’ Shani replied.

‘Smile! It suits you, you the big beautiful angel, you!’ Peter grinned stupidly, and would have sworn that the Seraphim actually blushed at the compliment.

Shani turned to Gabriel, ‘Excuse me, I am being summoned.’

Peter nodded and rubbed his ribs as Shani walked over to Gabriel.

After a moment Shani nodded. Gabriel looked up to the night sky and spread his wings and disappeared.

Shani joined Peter once more, smiling, ‘The Lord, Gabriel has allowed me to bestow an award on you for your outstanding bravery tonight, and your help for standing at my side throughout this harrowing time.’

‘Oh what do I get, a secret signet ring or something?’ Peter joked.

‘errr... no!’ Shani replied.

Holding out her hands she spoke a word in enochian, summoning her scimitars to her, bringing the blue crystal gems on the hilts together she invoked their power.

The gems fizzled into life and struck Peter. The blue lightning crackled around his body, Peter shouted out and shuddered as his back began to burn with an intense heat, as though he were being stabbed by a thousand hot needles all at once. Then suddenly it stopped.

‘What was that?’ Peter shuddered as he felt his back itching like mad.

‘Your first celestial tattoo,’ Shani said, ‘concentrate on it feel its shape and power on your skin.’

Peter took a deep breath and concentrated, whatever it was it was big and covered most of his back.

‘Now, invoke its power bring it into being,’ Shani encouraged her student.

‘Oh... my....G...’ Peter blurted out as a pair of grey and white wings erupted from his back.

‘I... I’ve got wings!’ Peter blurted out in disbelief.

‘Welcome to the ranks of the Celestial hierarchy, Peter.’ Shani said and bowed her head.

Looking at his wings and flapping them excitedly, peter began to laugh.




Up on the hill in the ruins of Megiddo a lone figure stood in the shadows. He had watched all that had happened that night with impunity if not a little amusement. He was tall with broad shoulders, intensely blue sparkling eyes and sumptuously long golden hair combed back from his handsome face.

A Pendant hung around his neck on a gold chain. It was a gem encrusted star encircled with zodiacal sigils. He wore an old tanned drovers coat, a white cotton shirt, worn jeans with an ornate beltbuckle the same as his pendant, and a pair of black cuban heeled boots with silver toecaps.

‘Shani Tarath!’ The figure spoke to himself, His voice was rich and soulful. ‘You have grown soft and complacent over the eons, my love, and now you recruit these humans into the sacred celestial ranks. your fondness for these mortals shall be your Achilles heel.’ He mused.

As the night came to a close and the first rays of dawn broke across the horizon, the stranger bathed in its light turning his face heavenwards and smiling. Then as he turned to walk away a huge pair of black raven’s wings erupted from his back the feathers shone like polished jet in the dawn light, throwing off a rainbow of light rays. Holding up his hands each finger was adorned with gem encrusted rings.

‘Hrem-nin med taeld vok sus cusret.’ summoning a portal he took one last look at the Seraphim down in the valley and grinned.

‘I think the time has come for us to be reacquainted once more, my  love, my Betrayer.’

Then turning away he stepped through the portal and disappeared.


And thus endeth, Seraphim the Armageddon files.


Shani Tarath will return in the future in;

Seraphim: The Satanic files.


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