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Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



Some things just lead to another

Sitting together leads to glances

Glances leads to staring

Staring leads to flirting

Flirting leads to trying really hard to make you mine

Trying really hard leads to finally kissing you under that tree

Kissing you under that tree leads to asking you out on a date 

Asking you on a date led to many more.

Did you think I was done?

Many dates led to being at your house

Being at your house led to promises

Promises led to them being broken

Them being broken led to us being broken

Us being broken led to fighting

Fighting to arguing to apologizing to fighting again

Fighting again led to chances

Chances taken, chances used, chances squandered

Chances squandered led to the end

The end leaves you all alone with your feelings

And you despise these feelings and you want to say I hate you feelings

But you don't

Instead you have memories of walks on the beach, the trail we took, erasers stolen, highlighter slammed down, interrupting class with our laughter, holding Milo and screaming like a girl and so much more

Because these feelings gave me 15 months of happiness, giggles and laughter

Love and appreciation

So what do we do?

You stick them in your back pocket

Because we will get new feelings that will take the space of the old ones

But the cool things is that these old feelings are there and when I need them, I know where they are

In my back pocket

Always with me.



© Copyright 2018 Nestor Rodriguez-Garcia. All rights reserved.

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