The nature of my soul

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is my first short story called "The nature of my soul"
The first chapter is called "On my road"
The second chapter is called "The deception"

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



First chapter: On my road

Today is his day

The King points out to him a new duty

Not like any other previous duty, he’ll take a boat and withstand the waves

The goal is to conquer the world.

 Yes! The whole world must be under the hands of the King

That person is courageous, he doesn’t fear anything

He knows that one stupid mistake can change everything

He looks ready for all kind of sacrifices

He wants to see the flag of the kingdom in the seven continents of the world,

The king ask him to bring seven security boats and a bird with the sweetest voice

In case of sadness, this bird will sing for him a beautiful melody to forget his pain and to continue his trip

He chooses the boats, which he thinks best, because they hold the most experienced captains of his town

He chooses a bird with the most attractive eyes, but that bird can’t sing, and because our hero is too confident, with a strange vision, he believes that this latter will sing by the power of love

The trip will start in two days; the hero collects all the necessary maps and data

Every time he looks to the bird, he smiles

Time goes by so fast, now it is time to go!

He wears a green jacket and his bag is full of maps and papers

He looks ready for everything; he salutes the king with confidence and determination  

He gets into the boat and looks back to see the town for the last time

He says:’ my king, I will win or I will die! Long life my king! Long life my king!’


The second chapter: The deception 


The sea is very calm during the first three days

The boat is crossing the Mediterranean Sea

The first destination is Europe

He is from North Africa

He is inspired by the adventures of the Carthaginian general “Hannibal”

He always says: “If Hannibal is still alive, I’ll kill him”

You know, kings are always alone!

Our hero isn’t ready to share his future victories with anyone

He is searching for glory

But, he isn’t the only one who thinks in that way

Do you remember the seven captains of the security boats?

All of them are dreaming about victory, hoping that the king chose them for such a landmark trip

In his boat, he is reading books about the western culture

He wants to know everything about them and he has a great idea of conquering the whole European continent without blood shedding

On the fourth day of the trip, the boat of our hero is blocked

He is in a very bad situation; the map doesn’t indicate such an important obstacle

He can’t change the direction, because he knows very well that the European defense agency is making underwater sensors to control and detect any external intervention

One of the captains screams:” what is this fucking situation? “

He looks to the hero and says:” tell me what we’re going to do now? We will say what to our King? Oh my lord! We lost everything!”

The hero replies” you! Son of a bitch! If you want to leave us, take away all your things and go! I don’t need traitors! ”

The captain says:” I don’t follow a stupid commander!”

Only three captains accept to continue the adventure with our hero

He looks disappointed and sad

He looks to the bird waiting for it to sing

But, as usual, the bird looks at him with its beautiful eyes without singing

Our hero says to himself:” If you don’t sing now, when you will sing?”

After two hours, he meets with the captains to search for a solution

One of them says “we should go back to our town and ask the king for forgiveness, there is no solution. I know that you really want to conquer the world, but believe me, nothing we can do!”

The hero looks very sad

He wants to find a solution, not to give up

After three hours of discussion, our hero, with sadness, decides to go back to the town

He spends the whole night thinking if he made the best decision 

He still has doubts; he still thinks that he can find a solution

He needs to take a final look at the map

He doesn’t find it

He gets into the boat of the captains and  finds them setting in a dark room with a candle light, looking to his map and searching for a solution

One of them says:’ the map of the hero is not the newest one”

He takes out a new map and says” take a look at this modified map, here is the solution!”

Our hero understands that those captains want to exclude him from the war game

He takes a deep breath and decides to listen to the proposed solution

One of them says:” the depth of water doesn’t exceed 5m, and there is an island close to our current location”, he continues:” Tomorrow we will continue the trip without the stupid hero”

The other one says” what we will do for him?”

They are all laughing and one of them says: “what a stupid question! Of course we will”

At this moment, our hero pulls a concealed pistol out of his pants and kills them all

In few seconds, the room becomes covered in blood

Blood is everywhere!

With a big smile and cold eyes, he collects their maps and bags

He lights his cigarette from the candle and says” I wanted to help you; but you…”

Then, he got into his boat and looks to the bird 

The bird doesn’t sing

He starts to have doubts about the truthfulness of this latter

So, he decides to release it to see if his bird will choose to go or to stay with him

The bird flies away and starts to sing

Our hero understands that his biggest mistake is to trust others

The most experienced captains and the most attractive eyes doesn’t grant success

He was very superficial, but he never lost his mind

This is his first lesson of the war game

He looks to the sky and sees many birds, and looks to the map and sees many new paths


The end.











© Copyright 2017 Maroua EL FESSI. All rights reserved.

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