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in the ceremony of independence, she found her own resolution...

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



While the people cheered and celebrated the day they became free of their boundaries of slaveness, Runa stood at the balcony of her house, watching them with awed eyes..

She tried to remeber the day when she used to celebrate this day with her friends and family in the same manner. She stared into the crowd as they march passed her house. No, it was not her house actually, but once in the past she was told that this would be her house.

She turned 25 this year, an age that most girls celebrate with their loved ones for becoming mature enough to start head on fight with the many attrocities of the society.

But shedid not care about all that. I mean there was no need for her to think that way since she had nothing in her life to compare with that.

Runa was only 16 when she fell in love. Is it really that much of a big deal in today's society? No  of course not.

Falling in love at that age is only natural, mostly with a guy like that. A professor, no the most wanted and loved professor of her sister's college. Professor Das used to come over to their house to teach her sister the general conceptsof chemistry, at least that much Runa knew. Due to her mother's influence, he had agreed to teach a high schooler like Runa chemistry. Thats when she had strated to love this subject.

Her sister didnot like that person at all, she always said that there is something wrong with his eyes.

But Runa, young and at the point of her teenage life, didnot listen to her sister. She always waited for him to come and bit by bit she realized that he also had some feelings for her. He always brought gifts and deserts for them of her choice and would always give extra care to her studies.

Runa's sister did take notice of all these and also asked her not to fall for a guy who was basically twice her age. But as the saying goes that, love knows no limits, and Runa fell head over heels with him.

She was the one to confess and like miracle he accepted her without any troubles. They even went out for a bit and then the year she turned 18, she told her parents abut her affair but her parents did not agree to it due to the age difference.They told her a man who is almost twice your age can never make you happy, but the love had made her totally blind by then and she defied her parents and left with him.

They went to different places before finally settling in this place, he was the one to choose this house. Now the fact that he wanted to stay here without any other family members did give her doubts but with the amount of love that he showered on her made her forget everything. 

The place was really good and there was so much empty place in the house with which she could do anything, but there was only one problem, she was not allowed to leave the house. It means that whenever she needed anything He was the one to get it for her. It did not mean anything at first as he said that he did not want her doing anything stressful for him, but as the days passed by she realized that he was being extremely possessive of her and was intentionally keeping her inside.

One day she without telling him went outside and took the liberty of going to the market place where she met and talked to a lot of people who did not even know her husband.

As the time went on she realized that her husband was keeping secrets from her. He did not even talk to her properly and was keeping a safe distance from her everytime she tried to make a move on him. It was really unusual as they were only married for a year and although he was a bit much older than her, he never made her realize that before.

Then one day it happened. Her husband came back home before she could return from her trip to the market and he was beyond furious. Although she kept telling him that she was sorry for her behaviour, at first he screamed and then he bit her, he hurt her so much that she could barely move the next day.

It was only the begining. The tortures kept on rising with time and one day she asked him why she had to go through all these, she did not deserve these. 

His answer made her shiver. According to him, she was only a pet. A pet that he had fallen for while searching for one, and he wanted her older sister but because her sister rejected him, he had to take Runa as his pet. He already had a wife and three children and if the people in this place would notify his family about this it would be a disaster . He did not want to loose his family either.

From that day on Runa kept her mouth shut and did all she could do to keep him happy although the result was the same everyday.

Today all of a sudden she wanted her life back. Today, the day of Independence was making her desire her old life back. She was chained with the present time and was suffering the consequences of her wrong decision.

Her husband would be back any second now and her duty as a pet would begin again.

As she kept thinking the possibilities of her life, she watched a girl getting eve teased by a few boys in the crowd. But the girl did not pass by, the girl stopped and slapped the guy across the face without any words. The people in the surroundings started cheering for her and they chased those boys away.

Runa just stood there, watching the bravery of a teenage girl to fight against the worse of the society. And here she was making her life even more misearable than it already was.

Right at that moment her husband came in and asked her what was she doing in the balcony. He started screaming at her usualy but his time Runa without realizing took the nearby vase in her hands and threw it towards him. 

He dodged it and got even more furious. But Runa without thinking another anything, went to the balcony and jumped. 

She jumped from the 3rd floor of their building and hit the ground where the procession for the independence day was going on.

People screamed and ran towards her but she was almost dead by then. They tried to make her speak but she was smiling, at a time like this, Runa was smiling. Her husband was standing in the balcony and watching her, he was stunned. He had never expected it. 

Runa kept looking towards the sky even when peple tried to save her with their futile attempts. As the light fade away from from her eyes the only thing that she did realize that was SHE WAS FREE.FINALLY SHE HAD GOTTEN HER INDEPENDENCE BACK.

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